How Europe Got On Its Knees and Became Russia’s Slave

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, claiming they are going to stop its corrupt government, liberate the east from Ukrainian attacks, and get rid of the Nazis.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have died and millions of civilians fled Ukraine. The war is an awful tragedy that is still dragging on and making life a living hell for those caught in the crossfire.

America and the EU have been shipping weapons to Ukraine and doing everything but formally declaring war on Russia; however, Europe has been notably sluggish in its response.

The reason is simple: Europe is Russia’s slave.

Selling Out to Russia

Europe sold out to Russia by becoming dependent on Russian energy. It’s really that simple.

For half a century, natural gas and oil have flowed from Russia into the European countries for the simple reason that Russia is close and a reliable supplier.

Now, as the EU starts getting more involved in clamping down on Russia and NATO ratchets up the pressure, Russia simply responds by turning off its taps.

The result? Electricity outages, water problems, heating shut off.

Look at German gas giant Uniper, which the German government had to flood with cash so it doesn’t go bankrupt due to huge shortages of Russian gas since the Ukraine war.

Europe is being held hostage by Russian energy and everyone knows it.

EU Official Speaks Up

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is speaking up and said Russia is “blackmailing” Europe via energy. This is clearly true and is clearly a response to the EU and America’s attempts to destroy Russia’s economy.

She urged EU residents to ration energy and to share their natural gas supplies among the various European nations. This could help somewhat, but the basic crisis remains.

The basic crisis is Russia has huge supplies of energy and Europe is hooked on it. President Trump repeatedly warned about this and made it clear that things won’t get better just by wishing it away.

As he cautioned in a 2018 speech at the globalist UN, Germany is very close to full “dependency” on Russian oil and gas.

As the US pumps money into German defense and bulks up NATO, the Germans are shaking hands behind their back with Putin and the Russians.

Ironically, Trump, who was accused of being some kind of pro-Russian agent in a fake conspiracy that has now been fully disproven, is the one who was actually standing up to them and coming up with logical countermeasures.

Now, it’s too late.

Trump Was Right … Again

Yet again, Trump was right.

The Europeans are paying the price for their arrogance. Russia has no reason to let up on them. It’s only going to tighten its grip as we head closer and closer to a global economic crisis and world war.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.