How Long Will Democrats Cling To Harris After Disaster at the Polls?


In her first year with President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris has had ups and downs, with some people refusing to connect to her.

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Biden chose a congresswoman from California as his VP pick a year earlier this week. Although it was not an anticipated pick, her errors have eclipsed the historic decision to name a black female as his vice president.

Democrat Strategists Think There is Nothing to Worry About

Mostly during the election, Democrat consultant Mike Nellis, a top aide to Harris, was sure that Democrats were not reeling from purchaser’s regret.

He likened the White House’s response to the coronavirus outbreak with that of former President Donald Trump, emphasizing vaccination availability and the country’s economic recovery.

Liberals could have not hoped for a better VP than Kamala Harris, according to Joe Biden. Whether the press or conservatives want to recognize it or not, the Biden-Harris government is effectively tidying up the disaster Trump caused, Mike said

Harris seems to have a fan status known as the K-Hive, based on her Obama-like personal story and compassionate attitude to politicking. She’s even influenced street art on the Washington Monument and in government eateries.

Her advocates say that she, like previous female and minority leaders, is held to higher standards. She also faces criticism since she is vice under the oldest president in history.

This makes her first in line to replace him and providing her an advantage in the Democrat presidential race in 2024 if Biden decides not to run for reelection.

Low in the Polls and Scandal after Scandal

However, whether justly or unjustly, Harris’ polling numbers are dwindling; her workplace is a merry-go-round of employees and her gaffes flout the No. 1 rule of becoming a No. 2: don’t make the news.

Harris is not as well-liked by the public as Biden is. According to RealClearPolitics, she has a 45 percent favorability rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating. The president, on the other hand, has a favorable-unfavorable rating of 50.8-44.8 percent.

According to a poll conducted by Fox News in the week, 51 percent of people had a negative opinion of Harris, including two-fifths “absolutely” agreeing. Men and white individuals, nearly three-fifths among whom opposed her, drove those negative figures.

People under the age of 65, those making more than $50,000, someone without a college diploma, those residing in rural communities, parents, and Independent voters were also difficult for her. It is with this last group that she must gain ground if she is to beat Biden on her own terms in the future.

Although, for better or even worse, Biden is tied to Harris, as his PR team promotes his administration as the “Biden-Harris” government. Part of her dilemma is that she represents two of Biden’s biggest serious issues.

These issues are the core reasons for illegal border crossings and the liberal campaign to expand voting access; it is within this context that the presidency can distribute duty and assign blame.