Hundreds Evacuated Via Secret CIA Mission in Afghanistan

As the Biden government hurried to organize a huge withdrawal from Afghanistan, U.S. officials silently sent a message to U.S. citizens and at-risk Afghans (such as Afghan special forces).

The message was to report to a secret CIA outpost outside Kabul to guarantee safe travel to the United States; this comes amid heightened threats of a terror incident on Kabul’s city airport.

Many Afghan Special Forces Units Escaped Via the Base

Hundreds of Americans and endangered Afghans, notable members of the Afghan special operations forces and their families, were successfully evacuated during the secret operation; this occurred over many weeks in August. In the whole US operation, at least 1,000 Afghan soldiers and their families were rescued.

The agency’s details come from information supplied to Politico and interviews with a senior government official, a Pentagon official, and a legislative official; all of these people spoke on the condition of anonymity-sensitive material.

The CIA was involved in the evacuation, according to a US official. This official noted that the agency worked very closely with other organizations to assist entry to the airport for U.S. citizens and Afghans in danger in different ways.

The United States used the station for evacuation procedures, according to the New York Times. Nevertheless, the actual magnitude of the operations in the last days of the rescue attempt has never been revealed. The CIA refused to respond to the exercise through a spokesperson.

This May Explain the Mysterious Aircraft Seen at Kabul Airport

At least a few of the refugees were flown to the airfield from the covert Eagle Base enclave; this happened in order to avoid the tumultuous throng and terrorist threats that surrounded the entrances.

As per aircraft data collected by Politico, several chopper trips operated by a US business flew from an area near Eagle Base to the Kabul airfield starting on Aug. 15, when the insurgents took control of the region.

According to flight records, some of the refugees were taken to Germany. A plane operated by a US federal contractor flew via Kabul airfield to Ramstein Air Base in Germany around the same period.

Just after the Taliban gained control of Kabul, the operation was organized with US officials, and personnel were evacuated from the consulate to Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal. The officials were in direct contact with American individuals who were attempting to flee Afghanistan but were concerned about their safety.

These concerns came particularly after the administration publicly advised Westerners not to travel to the airfield the other week, due to threats from the ISIS-K terrorist network.

The Combined Special Operations Center of the Pentagon was also assisting in reaching out to scores of American residents in Kabul and throughout the nation. Two of the individuals said the plan was revealed to the Intelligence Committee in August.

This happened when legislators from both factions were requesting details from the Biden government about preparations to remove Americans from Afghanistan. The committee’s representative declined to respond.