Hunter Biden is the Worst Deadbeat Dad in America

It’s no secret that Hunter Biden is a troubled and controversial person, but fewer people know about the fact that he’s the worst kind of deadbeat dad.

In fact, Hunter is currently in Arkansas under court order, trying to stop his daughter Navy Joan Roberts from using the last name Biden and reduce the amount of child support he has to pay.

Navy is the daughter of Hunter and former stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts. Joe Biden has avoided mentioning Navy at all, trying to erase her from the family, while Hunter has pretended not to be making money to dodge child support.

One Big Happy Family?

The dramas and controversies of the Biden family are too many to list in one article. Though what’s crystal clear is a compassionate and healthy family doesn’t pick on a four-year-old girl and make fun of her mom.

The liberal media has almost completely ignored this story, making out Lunden to be a gold digger and giving Hunter a pass for exploiting women and dodging responsibility.

Lunden stripped, but she used that money to go to the prestigious George Washington University.

She’s a highly intelligent woman who doesn’t deserve the kind of mockery she’s been getting, as if every woman who takes her clothes off for money is “beneath” the Bidens.

Hunter’s Treachery

When Lunden got pregnant, she had the baby and raised it without Hunter.

Navy is now four and she deserves to be proud of how her single mom raised her, despite her drug-addict rich dad not caring about her and trying to stop her from using his surname.

Lunden got a DNA test by court order to force Hunter to admit that Navy was his, but he’s constantly tried to avoid and reduce child support.

Now, he’s in Arkansas to try to reduce how much he pays for the girl and to make sure she can’t legally add Biden as her surname.

The Ironic Truth

The ironic truth is that every day, the Bidens show why having their surname would be a shame and a burden. Hunter is the worst deadbeat dad in America; he deserves to get fleeced for all he’s worth by the Arkansas court.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.