Hunter Biden Set to Be Charged with Tax Crimes, False Gun Statement

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First prodigal Son Hunter Biden may be about to face charges of tax crimes and a false gun purchase statement. The FBI gathered enough evidence for those, according to a report.

Hunter Could Be in His Dad’s Shadow

Sleepy Joe’s son has been in the midst of a giant public scandal, due to revelations from his lost “laptop from hell,” which has been censored by the mainstream media.

The revelations from the laptop, which got abandoned in a Delaware computer shop in 2020, expose Hunter’s addictions to drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes, along with his highly suspicious international business dealings. These include operatives of the Chinese communist regime.

Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, has just claimed in an interview that Joe Biden is the chairman of all murky business operations handled by his son.

The stories coming out of Hunter’s laptop have been censored by the leftist mainstream media. According to Bobulinski, the FBI’s involvement in censorship enabled Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

There have been speculations in conservative media outlets that the FBI may indeed indict Hunter Biden in order to save face publicly, but he may only get away with minor charges and a plea deal.

Such a deal would in no way present real justice against the backdrop of potential top-level political corruption that could even involve the current president of the United States.


Milder Indictment Scenario Could Be in the Works

A report by The Washington Post now claims the FBI amassed sufficient evidence against the prodigal First Son in order to indict him on tax crimes and lying during the purchase of a firearm.

The severity of potential charges remains unspecified at this point, but it seems completely plausible this could mean the development of the “light-weight” scenario for Hunter Biden, in which potential high-level corruption remains unscathed by the investigators.

According to WaPo, the fate of potential charges against Sleepy Joe’s son now depends on US Attorney in Delaware David Weiss, who would oversee any decision in that regard. Weiss is an appointee of former President Trump.

Potential charges against Hunter Biden include money laundering, failure to pay income tax, and other US tax law violations.

While Joe Biden keeps claiming he knows “nothing,” Hunter Biden has been making highly questionable business deals with suspicious wealthy individuals from China and pro-Russian figures in the former Soviet republics of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The report noted Hunter Biden may have lied in writing when buying a gun in 2018. The paperwork in question was found tossed out in the trash by Hallie, his former lover and his late brother’s widow, near a high school in Delaware.

On that paperwork, the then-future first son lied that he had never been addicted to illegal narcotics, a lie exposed not only by his lost laptop, but also by himself in his own memoir where he admitted his addiction to crack cocaine.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.