Hunter Is Back on the Chopping Block!

Earlier this week on Wednesday, White House officials refused to answer whether President Joe Biden asked Twitter to classify information obtained from the Hunter Biden laptop investigation as “hacked materials.”

While the majority of us already moved on, knowing no matter how many times it’s bought up, Joe will cover for his son, Elon Musk releasing files pertaining to Twitter’s censorship of the story brought it back into the spotlight.

Hunter’s laptop contents couldn’t have come from “hacked materials”

The files in question go into detail about how the company was instructed to suppress any news regarding the laptop investigation during the final weeks of Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

At the press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if anyone from Team Biden had communication with Twitter at the time, including demands that the information obtained from the laptop be referred to as “hacked materials.”

Even though it seems like an irrelevant question at first, it comes into play considering that Twitter’s policy used to restrict stories coming from hacked material; with Hunter’s laptop, there was no official confirmation that any of the data on it was hacked.

To no one’s surprise, Jean-Pierre didn’t answer the question, claiming she can’t elaborate on the campaign’s decisions from her post and she will retain her position by adhering to the Hatch Act.

Karine Jean-Pierre has a single trick in her book

This isn’t the first time Jean-Pierre referred to the Hatch Act like a child that just learned a new word; it’s the one thing that puts her in a position where she can’t answer questions from reporters about Joe’s 2020 campaign.

Instead of giving a clear answer as to why the Biden administration resorted to such an underhanded move, the press secretary put the blame on Twitter, stating it was their decision to make.

Jean-Pierre did everything in her power to shield Biden from being exposed, including lying about a major platform’s decisions regarding a story, all for the sake of not giving a direct answer to the reporters.

It seems the White House put more effort into protecting Hunter than it did into protecting the southern border.

As hilarious as that sounds, it’s not far from the truth, seeing as every time his name pops up in mainstream media, the White House goes out of its way to protect him.

It wouldn’t even leave this bad of a taste in everyone’s mouths if Hunter was a respectable member of society, rather than a crack addict with a huge rap sheet and several investigations coming his way.

All this smoke won’t mean a lot in a few days when the story is forcefully pushed out of the limelight to protect the president’s son; we’ll need another year or two to see it pop back into relevance again.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.