Hunter, Jim Biden Got Paid $11 Million by Chinese Regime Corporation, Docs Reveal

(Infographic by The Daily Mail)

President Biden’s son and brother – Hunter Biden and James “Jim” Biden – snapped up a total of $11 million in payments from CEFC China Energy, a former conglomerate linked to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

This happened over only one year and three months, as documentary evidence and an investigation of bank transfers revealed.

Following the ‘Laptop from Hell’ Revelations

The new revelation is the latest shocking insight into the financial, personal affairs of First Prodigal Son Hunter Biden, the bulk of which have been derived from his so-called “laptop from hell.”

Even though multiple stories emerged out of the laptop and other sources exposing the scandalous nature of Hunter’s dealings and lifestyle, leftist media has been either ignoring those or dismissing them as “Russian misinformation.”

The latest revelations, however, show how much Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden benefitted from doing business with the Chinese communist conglomerate, CEFC.

This information came from documents available to the FBI, released by the offices of two Republican senators – Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley – who have been investigating the first son’s murky affairs.

(Infographic by The Daily Mail)

‘Criminal Financial Activity’ By Hunter and Jim

The investigation of The Daily Mail shows between September 2017 and November 2018, a company in which Hunter Biden and James Biden were among the co-owners received nearly $11 million in payments.

The money was pumped into the joint venture called Hudson West III LLC, straight into Hunter Biden’s account, by CEFC China Energy.

The more than 200 pages of bank records released earlier this week by GOP Senators Johnson and Grassley showed both Hunter and James paid themselves seven-figure salaries.

The money was supposed to be payment for the Bidens’ services to CEFC China Energy, securing land energy deals for the Chinese communist company around the world.

However, the report pointed out “text messages, emails and photos,” that is, “mounting evidence” seemed to indicate the hefty cash payments may have been sent in order to “gain influence” over Joe Biden, then described as “the future president.”

Thus, Hunter and James Biden’s Chinese business partners sent $10,736,413.50 to Hudson West III LLC’s Cathay Bank account. The company in question was incorporated in Delaware and co-owned by a CEFC subsidiary with one of Hunter’s firms, Owasco PC.

It is noted that Biden’s son and brother “extracted the cash” by giving themselves monthly salaries of $100,000 and $65,000 respectively. Hunter was also given a one-time retainer fee of $500,000.

At the same time, both Hunter and Jim Biden, along with the latter’s wife, Sara, received credit cards financed by the CEFC with $101,098.61. That cash was used for the purchase of Apple products and for hotel/restaurant expenses, along with other spending sprees.

The financial records also showed other companies owned by Hunter and Jim got $4,968,220.01 in payments from the joint venture Hudson West.

As they released the more than 200 pages of financial documents, Republican Senators Grassley and Johnson sent an “excoriating letter” to Delaware US Attorney David Weiss for failing to react to their multiple requests to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

As they slammed the federal prosecutor, they insisted the evidence they made public showed “potential criminal financial activity” involving Hunter Biden and James “Jim” Biden.