Hypocrisy: Liberal Mayor Ships Out Illegal Aliens

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An always controversial figure, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently came under fire and is being called a “hypocrite.” This comes after she decided to relocate illegal immigrants to a suburban area, only days after claiming they are welcome in the city.

The influx of illegal immigrants to Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York started when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott decided these so-called “sanctuary cities” should live up to their name and actually take in some immigrants crossing the border.

“”No Papers, No Fear” Bus” by firedoglakedotcom

Illegal aliens are “cool” until they flock to your city

Abbott devised a plan where he would ship out any excess immigrants from Texas border areas to these three cities with dozens of buses filled with these illegal aliens.

As the first bus arrived in Chicago, Lightfoot even dared to call it one of the city’s most important moments, claiming they’ve been a sanctuary city for decades and they will not turn their backs on those that need help the most.

However, after promising the illegal aliens a safety net within the city, it’s likely Mayor Lightfoot realized exactly what she’d done. This prompted the massive relocation of these immigrants to a more suburban area.

Despite all these claims of being a “welcoming environment,” 64 of the 175 immigrants who arrived in Chicago were near-instantly relocated to a Hampton Inn in a Burr Ridge suburb.

This happened without any notification to the officials of the area, which is the same thing Lightfoot criticized Abbott for.

64 illegal aliens shipped out to Republican suburb

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso spoke up on the matter. He assured neither he nor the village administrator was ever told this relocation would happen, with Grasso wondering why Lightfoot chose Burr Ridge exactly.

While Grasso is more than happy to offer assistance to these immigrants, he claimed Lightfoot’s actions and comments on Abbott were textbook hypocrisy on her part, especially now that she’s shipped almost half of the immigrants to a Republican suburb.

Chicago is a huge city. While there’s certainly opposition to it being a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens, there are certainly enough vacant rooms in the city to house a couple of hundred people.

Grasso also reiterated how his issue is not with the people the small community will be housing, but rather with the fact Burr Ridge was picked without notice from officials.

He stated they probably assumed it’d be fine just because the hotel housed Afghanistan refugees a couple of years back.

The southern border crisis holds a stark contrast to the Afghanistan situation. The two are virtually incomparable, making Lightfoot’s decision to ship almost half of the illegal aliens to Burr Ridge a sign of arrogance and hypocrisy.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.