ICE Amps Up Security in Facilities Following Attacks

Over the past year and a half, progressives have significantly increased their various attacks on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Border Patrol officials, and other law enforcement agencies.

Progressives frequently demonize these agencies, dishonestly claim that ICE and Border Patrol abhors immigrants, and even call for the abolition of agencies which enforce legal immigration. As a result, this behavior has given a green light to more unhinged individuals who now feel justified in launching deadly attacks against ICE and similar organizations.

In the wake of all this, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan has called for stricter security measures at various ICE facilities across the nation, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation. These additional security measures are being put in place for the sake of protecting law enforcement officers and the law itself.

Everything You Need to Know about Stronger Security Measures at ICE Facilities

Last week, McAleenan penned a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which explains the gravity of the threats which ICE and similar agencies are facing. In the letter, the acting Homeland Security secretary explained that peaceful protest is warranted, but riots and violence are not.

An excerpt from McAleenan’s letter reads as follows:

“Our ICE law enforcement partners are coming under increased and ever more violent assault for merely doing their jobs. This is not just a threat to the law enforcement professionals within [the DHS] but an affront to the rule of law itself.”

Most recently, ICE facilities in Texas and Washington have become targets of terrorist attacks and shootings. Furthermore, the acting Homeland Security secretary requested that an “operational plan” to ensure the safety of ICE facilities and ICE employees be submitted to him by September 26th.

The shooter who carried out the attack against ICE’s Washington facility harbored radically far-left views which he documented in a chilling manifesto.

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ICE members are important and valuable members of law enforcement who provide a great service to this nation. Contrary to what the radical progressives might believe, enforcing the immigration laws is not evil or hateful.

Customs and screenings for entering this country exist for a reason. As President Trump has stated on a plethora of occasions, immigrants are more than welcome to come into America, but they have to come legally.

Threats and attacks on ICE facilities and ICE workers are absolutely unacceptable. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party’s ongoing decision to demonize these organizations has placed ICE in harm’s wa and is why additional security measures and operational plans are now in the works.

What do you think about the additional security measures which ICE is now taking for their own safety? How do you think rhetoric from progressives has contributed to this crisis? Sound off in the comments section below!