ICE Warns About Perils of Sanctuary Cities

"ICE HSI Philadelphia participates in joi" (Public Domain) by usicegov

Over the past few years, Americans have witnessed a surge of left-wing support for illegal immigration. Various Democrat leaders across the nation are coming out and claiming that they won’t comply with immigration laws or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

To make matters even worse, the left has made no bones about slamming ICE as this evil and oppressive agency. The Democrats’ narrative wrongly asserts illegal aliens as poor, unfairly maligned victims, while painting ICE and other members of law enforcement as heartless, tyrannical, and cruel.

ICE Arrests 271 Criminals Across the Sta by usicegov, on Flickr

ICE Arrests 271 Criminals Across the Sta” (Public Domain) by usicegov

Like other leftist narratives and talking points, the ones pertaining to immigration simply don’t hold water. In the wake of all this ICE has come out to issue various warnings about sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, and those who enable them, per reports from the Washington Examiner.

The Dangers of Aiding & Abetting Illegal Aliens

Contrary to what the Democrats would like Americans to believe, aiding and abetting illegal aliens is not compassionate — it’s dangerous.

According to ICE, a whopping 90% of apprehended illegal aliens in 2019 are wanted for serious crimes or have already been convicted of serious crimes. This truth is a far cry from the fictitious, leftist tales which allege that those who unlawfully enter the nation are simply fleeing troublesome situations in their homelands.

Additional reports from ICE confirm that many illegal immigrants who face deportations and have committed heinous acts are simply re-entering the country. Unfortunately, leftist leaders across the country who refuse to work with ICE are simply giving criminals an easier time at escaping the law; furthermore, Democrat leaders are also placing their own citizens and communities at risk.

Unfortunately, this is the end result when the left collectively decides that illegal border crossings should be decriminalized. Later in the report, ICE warned against blocking their ability to “protect public safety and carry out its mission.”

Upholding American Values

Ensuring that immigration happens legally is imperative to upholding American values. When a person’s first act on U.S. soil is the commission of a crime, that’s not OK, but it’s certainly indicative of future acts to come.

Statue of Liberty by Sue Waters, on Flickr

Statue of Liberty” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Sue Waters

Supporting legal immigration was not always a partisan stance. Believe it or not, there was a time where Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others openly acknowledged the importance of the immigration laws. Sadly, the left is now on a crusade to be as polar opposite to President Trump as possible.

This has led to their refusal to work with ICE and a determination to push the fraudulent narrative that illegal aliens are all good people fleeing tough circumstances.

What do you think about the latest updates from ICE? When will the left’s rampant allowance of illegal immigration and combative attitudes against ICE end? Sound off in the comments section below!