Illinois Protesters Called “Idiots” by President Joe Biden!

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

After what’s looking to have been one of the worst weeks since he was signed into office, President Biden managed to corner himself with his latest speech in Illinois, making some questionable comments about the protesters outside the event.

This came only days after Biden had been forced to back away from his deranged claim that he will shut down every coal powerplant in the country. This followed several incidents where he was visibly angry while delivering his “speech” in battleground states.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Senile old Joe goes off script and insults protesters

While all of this does sound like pretty standard Joe stuff, calling groups of protesters “idiots” is certainly a new thing for his repertoire; to no one’s surprise, the general public wasn’t happy about this.

Even though it’s difficult for his approval rating to tank much further, showing such disdain for his fellow Americans is bound to put a dent in it; the fact that they were pro-life protesters probably won’t change much.

According to some sources, Joe was triggered by the demonstrators at the event holding signs with “Socialism sucks” and “Vote Pro-Life,” with him making the bold claim his agenda has nothing to do with socialism in the slightest.

While he may be unaware of it, the majority of his supporters are of the opinion that socialism is a superior governing system to what we have now; that just goes to show how out of touch the entirety of the left-leaning crowd really is.

Joe’s regression

However, to those who have kept track of Biden’s statements since 2019, this “development” is actually old news. He initially came off as a bitter and angry old man; he seems to be regressing as we inch closer to the midterm elections.

This may get even worse once the supposed “red wave” happens at the midterms. Democrats across the country, Joe included, have been getting more desperate the moment it became clear the GOP has the upper hand.

In fact, Joe’s regression to his pre-2021 state can be dated back to his infamous “Dark Brandon” speech from September; he chose to demonize the entirety of the Republican party and voter body, without any proper clarification as to why.

Ever since the crimson red lights lit up behind him, Joe has been showing a major lack of tolerance for anyone who dared to oppose his views, claiming democracy is on the ballot, which it clearly isn’t.

Unfortunately for the pro-Biden peddlers, it seems his rhetoric isn’t too effective, as polls show 54% of Americans believe the US is much less united ever since he was signed into office.

Even though we might have to wait another two years to get rid of Biden for good, taking House and Senate is of utter importance; it will throw a wrench in his plans to ruin this country and the economy with it.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.