Impeachment Just Became Much More Likely For Biden: Here’s Why

Is Biden finally going to be impeached? More and more signs are pointing in that direction as the president shoots himself in the foot almost every day with new gaffes, betrayals, and lies.

However, Biden’s latest step of what he’s setting out to do will truly put him in danger of immediate impeachment.

Here’s why…

Biden is Committing Massive Fraud and Theft

Biden intends to cancel student loan debt up to $10,000, a promise he’s made for years, but now, he’s actually moving to truly push this through.

Student debts are real headaches for many students. Biden is claiming he just wants to help young people have a better future and get the support they need financially.

Has he taken a look at the inflation numbers lately or the price of gas? That’s probably not helping many young people.

Of course, the debt will not be cancelled for large lending centers that won’t be harmed by such a decision. They’ll still get their money, but instead of coming from the people who owe the money, it will come from us: the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, who will pay this debt will be people like you and me. That’s not fair at all! What should be paid for by borrowers will be transferred to us American citizens who already have the rope around our necks.

Does that sound twisted to anyone else or is it just me?

Biden Should Be Impeached

Biden doesn’t have the right to do this kind of thing and unilaterally just change the rules of what people owe or not. The impeachment request can also be made by any citizen as an exercise of rights.

The impeachment request can be submitted to the House of Representatives, in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already been dissatisfied with Biden’s decision.

In addition to the inflation we’re suffering under now, we will still be forced to pay more of this bill so some people can study gender studies or feminism in college?

He should be impeached for lawless violation of basic finance rules.

A Crime is About to Be Committed

In addition to his many other crimes and lies, Biden is about to brazenly violate the law. To make an impeachment request, it is necessary to properly characterize the crime committed by the president.

If Biden cancels student loan debts, he’s saying he’s above the law. I am quite sure America First Republicans are not satisfied with such a criminal act and they will not be complicit in this scam.

We are about to go into elections in November and everything indicates that the new House of Representatives will be mostly right-wing. Biden needs to be held to account for his lawless actions.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.