Impeachment Looms Over the Horizon


Kevin McCarthy is under growing pressure by the right to go further in his criticism of Biden over the botched and deadly U.S. pullout from Afghanistan. The House Minority Leader has frequently rebuffed certain rank-and-file conservatives.

These conservatives would like to make a high-stakes call for Biden’s impeachment over his management of Afghanistan. However, this is a promise that would become due if the GOP regains control of the House in November 2022.

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The Voters are Clear – Impeach

Several House Republican reports claim that before Tuesday’s tense conclusion to the US combat operation, their offices were flooded with requests from core voters calling for Biden’s impeachment or some stronger response from the government.

Republican politicians will have no way to depose Biden whilst in the House minority; moreover, any GOP-instigated impeachment hearing would fail unless congressional power in the midterm elections shifted over to the GOP.

Therefore, the constitutive stress could convince more hesitant members of McCarthy’s convention to support an intensification in the party’s messaging against Biden.

If conservatives reclaim the majority, McCarthy (who applauded former President Trump’s work to withdraw troops from Afghanistan) has already pledged a “day of retribution.” This will involve probes and hearings about Biden’s management of the US troop withdrawal.

Nevertheless, if the House flips next year, McCarthy will require near-unanimous backing from Republicans to win the speakership. While the California Republican seeks to keep his concentration on getting Americans out of Afghanistan securely, his right flank is leading the charge for impeachment.

During a conference last week, House members of the Freedom Caucus considered whether to back calls for Biden’s impeachment, as per numerous individuals familiar with the discussion.

As per a Freedom Caucus representative who spoke honestly about the discussion, while some colleagues were not willing to commit to impeaching Biden, almost all participants agree doing nothing is not an alternative at this moment.

Harris is Not a Good Substitute

Last week, leaders of the Freedom Caucus were “making preparations to call for resignations and even impeachment,” according to this GOP legislator. However, Republicans are also worried about the current order of succession.

Some Republicans have quietly stated that the election of Vice President Kamala Harris is a reason that they’re not in favor of impeachment.

The team planned a media briefing on Tuesday to urge Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call the House back into session early. This would be done so that legislators can vote on a GOP resolution supporting Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s removal from office.

Similar resolutions would be implemented regarding the possible removals of Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Joint Chief of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley. McCarthy indeed decided to make his own request for Pelosi to call the House back into discussion ahead of the US withdrawal on Tuesday.

The Republican leader told GOP representatives in a Sunday letter that conservatives would attempt to impose floor action on a bill that would embolden our military with the assistance they need to get Americans home.