Infamous BLM Founder Spends Donation Money on Renovating Her $1.4M Mansion

"Black Lives Matter Rally" by David Geitgey Sierralupe

While it sounds perfectly reasonable for anyone to ask for their BLM donations back, since the organization practically supports borderline domestic terrorism, Sharon Osbourne had different reasons for demanding a refund on the $900k she donated.

Apparently, Patrisse Cullors, the woman behind the organization itself and multiple-time offender when it comes to using the BLM money for her own needs, used tens of thousands of dollars to renovate her $1.4 million mansion’s backyard.

“#blm” by Aaron Fulkerson

Patrisse Cullors, BLM founder and associate caught siphoning money once again

In fact, the entire home was bought with the money given away to BLM by gullible liberals who thought they were donating to support a good cause, which is far from what was actually happening.

Seven years after Cullors founded BLM, she’s now living life high on the hog. She’s buying real estate worth millions of dollars whenever she can, all of it under the guise of “buying necessary property” for the organization.

A previous investigative report by the New York Post uncovered that Cullors didn’t buy one, but four multi-million dollar mansions across the US, all while declaring herself to be a “trained Marxist”.

Her latest financial venture involved the mansion she’d initially bought for $1.4 million. This time, she’s spending thousands on installing a backyard pool, a sauna, and a play area for her children, alongside a $35k fence she had built around the property earlier this year.

It’s not a smear campaign if it’s the truth

Despite the fact Cullors pulled out of BLM, the organization has continued to be involved in financial controversies, most notably siphoning the donation money into personal accounts and businesses.

It’s highly likely the “trained Marxist” still has her fingers in BLM. The only reason for her resignation was what she called a “smear campaign” from right-wing groups that followed her purchase of the massive property she’s using.

Naturally, the naive liberals will do everything to defend this woman who’s shown an unprecedented lack of integrity. She’s stealing money from people who believed BLM would be making a change, as well as the communities that could’ve actually benefitted from it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t anything new when it comes to BLM and its toxic business practice. Cullors isn’t the only one to have siphoned tremendous amounts of money into her own pockets.

Other associates have been involved in hundreds of shady wire transfers, most of them with tech giants that used the organization as a money-laundering tool for years on end.

With millions being spent on their luxury homes and vacationing, it’s no wonder the “issue” they’re addressing hasn’t been resolved in over seven years since the organization has been founded. Chances are it’ll continue to be this way for years to come.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.