Insane ‘Hate Speech’ Law in Western Nation Will Jail You for Hateful Content

While the United States has it pretty bad with the advent of the radical left, some other Western nations seem to have it even worse. A draft hate speech law, which would send people to prison simply for having “hateful” content on their computer or smartphone, has emerged.

The Far-Left is Destroying Western Civilization

The berserk rampage of rabid progressivism is certainly not limited to the United States; it is crushing more and more of our natural allies, such as Ireland.

Thus, newly passed legislation on hate speech in the Republic of Ireland, the ancestral home of many Americans of Irish heritage, now provides for jailing people simply for having content that could be deemed “hateful” on their devices.

Say you’d like to pen an essay on various abominations. Even if the essay is for your personal diary, having it on your computer would still make you guilty of a hate crime under the new Irish legislation.

Online indignation abounded before the vote on the bill. It caught the attention of Twitter owner and billionaire Elon Musk, among others, who called it a “massive attack” on freedom of speech, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Replacement for Christianity

Nevertheless, the Marxist Communist law passed, with only 14 members of the 60-seat upper house of the Irish legislature voting against it. The report points out, apparently, the West has lost its Christian roots and those are now being replaced by the ideology of vicious leftism.

The newly adopted Irish law seems like the perfect epitome of today’s leftism, as it appears to be completely arbitrary: it carries no clear-cut and unconditional definition of “hateful speech.”

Yet, at the same time, it “gives legal force” to all of the “latest definitions” of the made-up notion of gender. The report concludes “any fluctuations” in the idea of a hate crime could now lead to “prison time” for any pro-freedom-minded individual.

Radicals are on the march all across the formerly free world; it is up to conservative, normal, freedom-loving people to stop them.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.