Insanity: Three Years in Jail for Flying a Confederate Flag

Democrats still haven’t given up their fanatical crusade over the protests on January 6, 2021. Even though it was now more than two years ago, this day remains a supposed “insurrection” and a focus of all their efforts.

While the country is overrun by illegal immigrants, Chinese spy aircraft, and massive inflation, the Department of Justice and government agents are trying to track down every last person who took a selfie in the Capitol on January 6.

The latest person is 53-year-old Kevin Seefried, a drywall worker from Delaware who is now headed to jail for three years over carrying a Confederate flag and trespassing into the Capitol with it.

What Happened?

Seefried got sentenced to three years behind bars on Thursday by a Trump-appointed Judge named Trevor McFadden. The judge scolded him for attending the January 6 protest and carrying a Confederate flag into the Capitol.

Seefried shed tears when he was sentenced. He said going inside the Capitol was a mistake and he’s so sorry if he spread hate by carrying the Dixie flag.

Judge McFadden scolded him for being “so offensive” and “outrageous” in carrying the flag into the “sacred halls” of the Capitol.


This sounds like a bad daytime TV drama, but it’s a real case that just happened and Seefried will be seeing the inside of a real prison cell without a doubt.

Seefried’s defense made solid points about how Black Lives Matter (BLM) thugs who burned and rioted across the country in 2020 never got anywhere near this level of scrutiny and punishment.

They also pointed out that Seefried hadn’t tried to hide from being the one on surveillance footage and being the man carrying the flag. He also had health problems.

The prosecution and judge didn’t care a bit. Seefried was an evil man in their eyes and they wanted him punished as much as possible. Now, they’ve gotten their wish.

Father-Son Jail Time

Seefried’s son, Hunter, also got two years in jail this past October for taking part in the January 6 protests.

Unlike Hunter Biden, this Hunter is seeing the inside of a jail cell. Hunter and Kevin were some of the first of several thousand protesters who went inside the Capitol.

They stayed for 25 minutes. Capitol cops told them to stop but said Kevin and his son ignored and taunted them, swearing and asking where the certification of the 2020 election was taking place.

A Police State in America?

This kind of humiliation ritual is what some people now believe to be the work of a communist police state. It’s been said that you don’t get years in jail for hurting someone’s feelings with a flag in a free country.

Complaining about principles will get conservatives nowhere.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.