Iran Joins In the Fight Against Israel, Launched Armed Drone

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The military forces of Iran have launched a drone packed with explosives towards Israel. This was announced to the world when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the drone was launched by Iran.

Netanyahu revealed this after a meeting with a top German official saying: “I described during our meeting that while we’re fighting on various fronts, the true backer of much of this aggression is Iran.”

He then pointed out that Iran gives weapons directly to Hamas and Hezbollah: “Iran not only supports completely the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and gives them all the financing.” Netanyahu continued; “They also give weapons to Hamas, as well as to Hizballah.” He then stated that this grants the “scaffolding on which these [institutions] really work.”

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Remarks from Israel’s Prime Minister 

The President of Israel pointed out that the drone was launched by Iranian forces based in Syria. He explained that during engagement in hostilities, Iran launched a nuclear drone from Syria or Iraq to Israel. 

The President pointed out that “Iranian forces launched a drone, armed drone, which our forces intercepted on the border between Israel and Jordan,” Netanyahu continued. “And that I think says everything on the true patron of terror in the Middle East and in the world, Iran.”

You can watch the discussion here:

Iran Nuclear Program

Iran has also made headlines recently after they began publicly working on their nuclear program again. This controversially came after Biden reinstated the Iran nuclear deal that did little to punish the rogue nation from pursuing a weapon that could destroy Israel, its vowed enemy, with nuclear fire.

Israel allegedly struck back against this by hacking Iran’s nuclear power production capabilities. It’s not as easy as that tho, within hours of the blackout at the plant, Iran was quick to point the blame, however, they have since spoken of “infiltrators” being the cause of an explosion linked to the power outage.

The reason a cyber attack was initially blamed was that this is not the first time this has happened. Natanz nuclear facility is actually the first case of cyberwar when it fell victim to the world’s first real cyber-attack ten years ago.

Rocket Attacks Into Israel

For the past two weeks, there have been near-constant rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza and Iran-backed Hamas.

The IDF released a statement detailing the scale of the attack. The statement explained that since the ‘Guardian of the Walls’, operation, about 4070 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory. From this, around 610 failed launches fell in the Gaza Strip. This subsequently left the Iron Dome Air Defense System with intercept rate of about 90%.