Iran Warns to Turn America Into “Hellish Ruins” Using Nukes

Poor foreign policy choices of the Biden administration are allowing Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons and pose a direct national security threat to the United States. 

Reportedly, Iran warned the United States it has the capability to turn New York into “hellish ruins.”

Iran Ready to Attack New York

A London-based media outlet, Iran International, revealed the following:

Two Telegram channels with close ties with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) threatened Iran would immediately start building the nuclear weapon if the “US or Zionist regime (Israel) make any stupid mistake.”

The two-minute video clip that warned the US and Israel mentioned Iran has a secret underground nuclear manufacturing facility in the city of Qom. This is the hub of Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran is pursuing a “peaceful nuclear program”, but it can turn violent easily, the clip noted.

Similarly, the video claimed the Qom-based nuclear site is located deep inside the mountains, which cannot be destroyed by trench-busting bombs or even nuclear weapons.

The chilling video revealed Iran’s ballistic missiles are capable of “turning New York into hellish ruins.”

In addition to that, the clip showed the picture of President Biden and mentioned Iran’s previous nuclear program, which was stopped by the United Nations in 2003.

New York Always the Top Target of Iran

This is not the first time New York is facing threats of Iranian violence.

In 2020, New York City ramped up the security of its airports, public transit systems, and other vulnerable places when the US killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike in Iraq.

Back then, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio noted the US is in a “de facto state of war” against Iran. Therefore, everyone should be “vigilant against the threat” that has the potential to disrupt peace in the United States.

Recently, New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OMG) also released a public awareness video that mentioned ways to avoid a nuclear disaster in the city.

While experts suggest a threat of a nuclear weapon hitting New York is extremely low, the OMG is trying to be extra cautious by releasing a video that encourages New Yorkers to “take key, simple steps” if the city is attacked.

The 90-second awareness video urged New Yorkers to get inside and close all the doors and windows to avoid the hazardous radiation of the nuclear bomb.

Although the secret nuclear ambitions of Iran remain unknown, it is now widely believed Iran enriched 60% of uranium for manufacturing a nuclear bomb.

Iran International previously reported that 90% uranium enrichment would enable the Islamic Republic to manufacture multiple nuclear weapons within a “few weeks.”

These warnings come at a time when President Biden is reluctant to impose Trump-era sanctions on Iran; he is still hoping to reinstate the Obama-era nuclear deal with the Middle Eastern nation.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.