IT’S OFFICIAL: Feds Could Have Prevented Jan 6

The ex-federal prosecutor and lead investigator of the January 6 Committee, Tim Heaphy, gave an exclusive question-and-answer session with justice and intelligence investigative reporter Ken Dilanian on NBC Nightly News on Tuesday.

Heaphy informed Dilanian that the federal government could have stopped the January 6 mass protest at the Capitol. That’s if they’d taken the intel they obtained sincerely and intervened with the warnings they collected about rioters’ motives that day.

Law Enforcement Failed

Not a single page in the more than 800 pages of the January 6 Committee’s report contained their conclusions of the failure of enforcement agencies to stop the riots.

Before handing off to Dilanian, anchor Lester Holt made this point abundantly clear in the early stages of the segment.

He claimed the January 6 Committee’s official report was over 800 pages long, but Holt acknowledged that important information was left out, including a significant portion of its conclusions regarding the shortcomings of federal law enforcement prior to the assault.

Dilanian said America and the rest of the globe were shocked by the sight of the raid on the Capitol. They asked Heaphy if he thought the riots at the Capitol might have been effectively thwarted, had agencies of law enforcement intervened based on the available information.

Heaphy answered that if police forces had adopted a more proactive protective stance, he believes the outcome would have been drastically different.

The intelligence provided beforehand was fairly detailed and in his opinion, it was sufficient for law enforcement to have operationalized a safe perimeter more effectively.

In addition, Heaphy stated that law enforcement played a straightforward role in contributing to the failings of security and breaches that contributed to the violence.

Dilanian explained that members of the committee, according to persons acquainted with their work, minimized that conclusion in order to keep the spotlight on the former president, according to NBC News.

Members of the committee contest that.

Following that revelation, Dilanian detailed how, according to Heaphy, the committee discovered that the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other organizations failed to act on the information they had.

The January 5 internet link conveyed to the Capitol police who called for tens of thousands of people to come to Washington and assist in a capitol storm is an example.

Jan. 6 Could Have Been Prevented

Yet, as stated by Dilanian, per the FBI, it provided the Capitol police with all available intelligence. In order to ensure that threat intelligence is better examined and distributed, DHS and Capitol police claim to have taken action.

Now, they claim law enforcement either did not act on the information or took it lightly. These important conclusions were neatly omitted from the nearly 800-page report, which was published on January 6, well over a month after the committee report’s publication.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.