A Humanitarian Disaster at the Southern Border


A huge number of migrants were dumped near San Miguel, Arizona by human traffickers. Border Patrol agents from Tucson said the group was largely made up of unsupervised youngsters.

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All You Need to Know

Officer Sabri Dikman of the Tucson Chief Patrol shared an image of a big gathering of immigrants captured by Three Points Outpost agents on Twitter. He claimed lone immigrant children made up three-quarters of the immigrants detained in the party and dumped by human traffickers in the wilderness.

“Traffickers continue to abuse great numbers of minors by leaving them at the frontier for authorities to discover,” Dikman said. According to Breitbart Texas, Tucson officers routinely meet massive groups of lone child migrants who are transported over the boundary and then left to starve and fend for only themselfs.

Agents operating near Sasabe, Arizona came upon a group of over 100 migrants in July. Over 90 of those were unaccompanied minors, according to officials. Unaccompanied children made up 80 of the 140 migrants captured near San Miguel, the same region where this week’s incident occurred.

In September, officers operating near San Miguel discovered a group of 93 migrants, 70 of whom were refugee children. Tucson officers captured 16,860 unaccompanied juveniles in the first 11 months of fiscal year 2021, according to the reported numbers available at this time.

According to CBP’s Southwestern Border Land Encounters report, this marks roughly 214 percent growth. Agents arrested 130,710 unaccompanied minors throughout the entire southwest border with Mexico, according to the report. This represents an almost 388 percent increase over the same time period in fiscal year 2020.

According to Randy Clark of Breitbart News, the US Department of Health Services released 18,000 single immigrant children for sponsorships in the United States during the middle of August.

Biden Gets to Claim Another Tragic Record

Adding to a record breaking year for immigrant arrests along the southern border, the Biden administration will be able to make another historical claim in 2021, seeing as 11 Border Patrol personnel were killed in the line of duty.

This figure outnumbers every previous record dating all the way back to 1919 when the Labor Department was in charge of immigrants and refugees. Clarence Childress, an officer of the Department of Labor’s immigration division, was shot and murdered while policing near El Paso, Texas, in 1919.

Even though the Border Patrol’s official birthdate is May 28, 1924 (when it was established as an agency under the Naturalization Service), Childress is widely regarded as the first government patrol officer killed on the job.

The border agents have never lost as many in the line of duty as they did in 2021; the earliest known death was when Childress was slain in a gunfight with smugglers. COVID-19 claimed the lives of nine of the eleven. The record set in 2021 surpasses the one held since 1998 when six people perished.