January 6 Rioter Hit With Four Years in Prison

To this day, the January 6 rioters who invaded the US Capitol almost two years ago are still facing criminal punishments.

Law enforcement is locating these individuals via their social media accounts, reports from others, Capitol camera surveillance, and more. The nature of their sentences depends upon the crimes which they’re found guilty of.

However, there’s been some criticism that these right-wing demonstrators are being treated more harshly than left-wing rioters, such as Antifa.

Nevertheless, one of the latest January 6 rioters to face consequences for their actions is Nicholas DeCarlo, per MSN.

A Closer Look at Legal Consequences For DeCarlo

The 29-year-old Texas man is now going to serve four years behind bars for defacing the Capitol door with the words “Murder the Media.”

This prison sentence was handed down to DeCarlo when he pled guilty to an obstruction charge. On top of DeCarlo’s four years in the slammer, he will also pay $2,000 in restitution, along with another $2,500 fine.

Before his guilty plea, the Texas man was looking at 20 years behind bars, due to additional charges.

These charges entailed disorderly conduct in a restricted building, conspiracy, and more; though in exchange for DeCarlo’s aforementioned guilty plea, prosecutors let the other charges go.

More to Come?

At this point, there is no telling how many more rioters at the Capitol are going to be forced to face the music. Law enforcement has been working overtime to make sure all the individuals at the Capitol have to answer for their conduct.

However, the same efforts haven’t been exerted toward all the people who used summer 2020 to riot, burn down businesses, attack police precincts, etc.

It’s precisely this that has led to pushback from some people who believe what’s happening to the rioters at the Capitol needs to apply to everyone who has committed similar crimes.

When the January 6 committee was initially established, several Republicans pushed for a review into the summer 2020 riots; though these appeals ultimately fell on deaf ears.

With Republicans set to regain control of Congress next month, it is widely expected that the January 6 committee will be disbanded. Though law enforcement members working on catching and prosecuting the rioters from nearly two years ago are not expected to slow down this work whatsoever.

News of DeCarlo’s sentencing, along with footage of him at the Capitol, has furthermore been spreading on social media like wildfire.

What do you think about the January 6 rioters being held accountable for crimes committed at the Capitol that day? Do you believe the same treatment should be applied to other rioters, such as those involved in violent summer 2020 demonstrations?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.