January 6 Rioter Hit With Serious Conspiracy Charge

To this day, law enforcement remains hard at work to find each and every person who rioted on January 6, 2021, broke into the US Capitol, and otherwise engaged in illegal activity.

Thus far, the authorities have been using a variety of methods to locate the responsible individuals.

These methods include scouring social media accounts, taking in tips from people wanting to report rioters, reviewing security footage, and even reviewing financial information provided by different banks.

At this rate, there is no telling how much longer it will be before everyone involved in the riots has been dealt with. However, according to Reuters, one of the rioters is being hit with a conspiracy charge.

Nothing to Take Lightly

33-year-old Edward Kelley is staring down a conspiracy charge in connection to a plot to murder FBI agents. In the same boat is 26-year-old Austin Carter.

Additional charges facing both men include issuing threats across state lines, soliciting violent crime, and seeking retaliation on a federal official.

According to Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, both Kelley and Carter stand accused of trying to seriously hurt or murder authorities within the agency. Wray furthermore stated that FBI officials are within their rights to do their jobs without having to worry about threats against them.

Due to these charges, both men talked about murdering a list of FBI agents with another individual who has not been named. The FBI agents in question who were on the list are believed to be those investigating Kelley’s involvement in January 6.

The conspiracy and subsequent charges against Kelley come in addition to the charges he faces for his conduct at the Capitol nearly two years prior. This conduct involves breaking a Capitol window and even physically attacking one of the police officers at Capitol Hill.

Who’s Next?

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before news breaks of additional individuals being charged either for their behavior on January 6 or subsequently thereafter.

In some of the most notable cases, people posted images or videos of themselves at the Capitol that day, only to later delete them after they realized the authorities could use them.

However, the deletions did not stop law enforcement from recovering this content and holding the parties accountable.

In another case, one January 6 rioter was turned in by his Uber driver. This happened after the rioter bragged about his involvement in the Capitol riots to the driver, without knowing the driver had dash cam footage recording him.

What do you think about the conspiracy charges that one January 6 rioter is facing for trying to target members of the FBI? Do you think other people will be facing charges like this in the future? Sound off below in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.