Jen Psaki Alerts Biden About a Possible Referendum Against Him

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Democrats will lose the midterm elections if voters decide to carry out a referendum on Biden.

Midterm elections are usually considered a referendum on the incumbent president; so, Biden is also likely to face the music, due to skyrocketing inflation and surging crimes.

Psaki Predicts Possible Loss of Democrats in Midterms

During a TV show with Psaki, NBC host Chuck Todd played a Democratic candidate’s campaign ad, which suggested abortion restrictions have a direct relation to increasing crime.

Todd asked Psaki if these types of ads are really effective for the midterm elections or not. Responding to this, Psaki claimed if the voters want to choose a less extreme party, obviously, Republicans will lose the elections.

That’s due to the ideology of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Congresswoman Marjorie Greene. However, if voters decide to do a referendum on Biden, Republicans will easily win the elections, Psaki added.

Furthermore, Psaki established Democrats are well aware they can lose if crime becomes the primary issue in the elections. Republicans are pouring in staggering amounts of money for highlighting the deterioration of law enforcement in their ads.

Voters of different states, Psaki continued, are expected to vote on different issues. Since crime is a major issue in Pennsylvania, Republicans are painting Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman as soft on crime.

Previously, mainstream media outlets already insisted the 2022 elections will be a referendum on poor leadership of Biden.

As Americans are suffering from severe consequences of rising inflation and surging crimes, they want to see Republicans control Congress after the midterm, as per media reports.

Biden’s fears of the upcoming referendum can turn into reality, considering he is currently grappling with approval ratings in the low 40s, not to mention nearly 56% of registered Democratic voters want to see a new presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

Biden Trying Hard to Avoid Upcoming Referendum

Amid all of this, Biden is trying to capitalize on hate speech against MAGA Republicans to mobilize far-left voters and divert Americans’ attention from rising crime and the poor economy.

Whereas some media reports have also revealed Americans are now moving beyond the Roe v. Wade verdict. They are increasingly searching for crimes on Google, which suggests Democrats are likely to be judged on the issue of crime in the upcoming elections.

“Joe Biden at McKinley Elementary School” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Later in the show, Todd asked Psaki why Biden did not use the name of former President Trump while delivering speeches against him.

Psaki responded that Biden ran an aggressive campaign against Trump while running for the White House; however, the public did not want him to use the name of Trump after winning the election.

As elections are about to happen and Biden managed to accomplish legislative successes, Democrats need to control at least one chamber of Congress, Psaki asserted.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.