Jill’s Recent Acts Show Biden White House Is in Trouble

First Lady Jill Biden routinely plays supervisor and shover-in-chief for the alleged president of the free world, Joe Biden, when he seems disoriented and confused at public speaking events. This is not big news. 

The president, who has been dogged by queries about his psychological health throughout his presidential term, hasn’t declared that he’s seeking reelection. However, speculations are bubbling that he’ll do just that sometime around February.

Moreover, current instances in which “Dr. Jill” decided to step in to create a diversion for Joe Biden in the middle of his highly confidential records scandal has put a different slant on Jill Biden’s sometimes overbearing hold over Joe. 

Running Interference 

They transpired Thursday at an AAPI Lunar New Year celebration at the White House. People discussed some of the backgrounds, but one must go over them again because the imagery was so profound. 

A journalist screams a question at President Biden as he departs an event; this is one of the few remaining channels of communication with the president, given the rarity of his solo news briefings.

He looks around, perplexed, but Jill Biden jumps in and scurries the reporter away while leading Joe Biden away from potentially having contact with a press member. 

Earlier, when Biden joked he would have to dance, Jill Biden, in her strange emcee position, almost hauled him onto the stage and mocked him.

Throughout the whole scene, she maintains the expression of someone on pins and needles, as if she is waiting for her husband to make a mistake at any moment. 

When a wife steps in to defend her elderly husband, ensuring he is not mistreated or made to appear bad, it is not out of the ordinary. There are caregivers throughout America who do precisely that every day with their husbands and that’s okay. 

Authority and Strength

However, we are not talking about a typical circumstance in that respect. The president of the United States, like any president, must project strength and demonstrate the capability to communicate cogently.

The president must make independent decisions if they are to be successful at home and abroad, particularly with global adversaries who may not honor the president at any given time, but do respect power. 

In an article from October 2022, The New York Times dropped hints about this. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Joe Biden isn’t in charge of the country; instead, it’s his aggressive managers, with Jill Biden in the driver’s seat.

Given that a majority of voters in various surveys have expressed concerns about Biden’s health and mental capacity to serve as president, this is likely to be a significant focus of his reelection campaign in 2024. 

Brace yourselves, as Joe Biden would say, because the justifications we’ll hear from Biden’s campaign, including his boosters in the MSM, will likely be some of the worst insults to our intellect ever.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.