Joe Biden Confuses Himself While Attacking Trump

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

At this point, Democrat attacks against President Trump are par for the course in U.S. politics. This should come as a shock to no one, although in the case of 2020 Democrat Joe Biden, going after the president seems to be backfiring on him.


This week, the former vice president returned to the public eye after disappearing for quite some time. His absence did not go unnoticed and only further contributed to speculations about Biden’s unfitness to take on the challenges of a presidential election.

Yesterday, Biden attempted to solidify himself by targeting President Trump, but the former vice president put his foot in his mouth…twice. According to Breitbart News, Biden’s haste to go after the president prompted the former to forget some pretty critical details.

The Latest of Biden’s Blunders

On Tuesday, the 2020 Democrat appeared on TV in order to further his campaign. During these appearances, Biden talked about his past criticisms regarding Trump’s management of coronavirus; however, Biden somehow forgot the date and publication that covered his censure of the president. These missteps didn’t happen once yesterday, but twice.

The first slip-up happened when Biden appeared for a virtual interview with The View. As the former vice president spoke, he alleged that U.S. News and World Report covered his critical op-ed of Trump’s COVID-19 response; in actuality, however, the publication that released Biden’s piece was USA Today.

Then, the 2020 Democrat slipped up literally hours later during a sit down with MSNBC. This time, Biden forgot the date on which USA Today published his piece.

The former vice president first alleged that the piece came out on January 17 before changing his mind to the 15th. However, neither one of these dates were accurate. USA Today published Biden’s anti-Trump opinion article on January 27.

A Lack of Fitness for Office

Biden’s continuous blunders and mistakes only prove that he has bigger issues than President Trump. Many Americans on both sides of the aisle have noticed problems with Biden’s ability to keep himself together; this is not purely partisan criticism.


At this point, the upcoming general election is shaping up to be very interesting. Biden has not yet won the Democrat nomination, but he’s well on his way, especially with the Democrat establishment backing him up. The former vice president truly won’t know what hit him once he’s forced to go toe-to-toe against Trump.

What do you think of Biden making two errors in one day, along with all the others he’s made while running? How long do you think the people closest to Biden will continue propping him up when there’s clearly a problem? Let us know in the comments section below!