Joe Biden Largely Absent in Wake of Coronavirus

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

While coronavirus continues to dominate news cycles, headlines, and various updates across the nation, the notable absence of Joe Biden is impossible to miss.

The former vice president has gained considerable amounts of press as he continues to dominate the primary election. Last week narrowed the primary election down to only two candidates after Tulsi Gabbard dropped out of the race. In turn, Bernie Sanders remains as Biden’s only opponent and also way behind the former vice president.


In the wake of coronavirus, Biden hasn’t made nearly as many public appearances — either in person or via livestream — as before. Furthermore, Breitbart News reports that Americans have only seen the former vice president for all of six minutes since last Friday.

Why is Biden Nowhere to be Found?

At this time, the latest appearance from Biden has occurred via video chat. In his address, the 2020 Democrat talked about what he believes Americans should do “in time of crisis,” when addressing coronavirus. During this time, Biden appeared slightly out of it and awkwardly walked away from the podium after being gently reminded by his wife, Jill Biden.

Biden’s notable absence could be possibly attributed to the verbal slip-ups he’s had on the campaign trail, coupled with him lashing out at voters.

Just earlier this month, the 2020 Democrat took heat for bullying a Detroit autoworker who challenged Biden on his anti-gun stances. Instead of having a civil conversation with the autoworker, Biden claimed the man was “full of sh*t.” This type of behavior could be a factor in why no one knows where the former vice president is.

The Bigger Picture in 2020

Biden’s decision to retreat from the spotlight is simply another reason why he has no business ever becoming president of the United States. Aside from the Democrat frontrunner’s multiple gaffes and rudeness to working Americans, Biden keeps demonstrating his inability to manage the challenges that would come along with the presidency.


Presidents don’t get the luxury of simply disappearing whenever public scrutiny or reception gets to be too intense. If Biden can’t deal with the primary election, he certainly won’t be able to handle a general election or service as president of the United States.

Why do you believe Joe Biden is in hiding? When do you think he’ll return to the public eye to continue his campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!