Joe Biden Slammed For Refusing to Acknowledge His Granddaughter

Since Joe Biden’s time in the White House, the American people have been able to get a front-and-center look at all his family drama.

Much of this drama deals with the Biden family using his position as vice president to reap profits and enrich themselves.

House Republicans digging into this matter maintain that many Bidens opened LLCs, received money from foreign officials, and otherwise engaged in underhanded efforts for the sake of profit.

However, another issue that’s come to light is Hunter Biden’s struggles with drugs, along with the daughter, Navy Joan, that he fathered with a former stripper.

This daughter is one that both Hunter and Joe Biden refuse to acknowledge, as documented by The Daily Wire.

What a Shame

Hunter initially argued that he was not the father of Navy Joan. Though after a court mandated that he take a paternity test, it was proven that Hunter is actually the father.

Despite this, Hunter has been trying to pay as little child support as possible, while also fighting in court to keep his own daughter from having the Biden name. Meanwhile, Joe Biden himself is also refusing to acknowledge that Navy Joan is his granddaughter.

During a women’s basketball event at the White House, Biden falsely claimed he has four granddaughters, when in reality, he has five granddaughters.

Biden’s True Face Revealed

The president and his supporters often paint him as a folksy, fun-loving guy who means well. However, Biden’s refusal to acknowledge the presence of his own granddaughter shows his true colors and reveals what he really is.

There is no telling if Navy Joan’s father and grandfather will ever publicly acknowledge her or have a relationship with her. So far, reports indicate that neither one of the Biden men has even met Navy.

There is no greater shame.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.