Joe Biden Unleashes New Lies About Inflation, Republicans

As president, Joe Biden is being repeatedly held to task for the impacts his leadership has on inflation. From repeatedly printing money to insisting on heavy spending, the Biden administration certainly isn’t doing the American people any favors.

Inflation is ridiculous at this point; though judging from economists’ warnings, consumer costs are going to continue getting higher.

Biden doesn’t want to candidly talk about this or take responsibility. Instead, he’ll say anything in the world to hold onto power and help Democrats do the same.

Now, the president is facing widespread backlash for alleging that if the GOP wins the midterms next month, inflation will worsen, as reported by Breitbart News.

A Tone-deaf Claim From the President

On Thursday, Biden took a trip to Los Angeles, California to rally for Democrats as the midterms are less than four weeks away. This is when the president made his baseless claim that GOP wins in the elections are going to make inflation get worse.

Right now, inflation is so high because of Democratic policies forced through by a left-wing White House and left-wing Congress. For the president to point the finger at Republicans, despite this party having no majority control over the current government, is laughable.

Amid rising consumer costs on his watch, Biden also used his time in Los Angeles to take credit for modest declines in gas fees. Though at the same time, as gas prices are now on the rise again, the president isn’t assuming responsibility for that at all.

All in all, Biden’s claims in Los Angeles are certainly on brand for him; though they’re also completely void of truth, logic, or basis.

Not Going to Help Democrats

It’s very obvious that Biden is horrified at the thought of Republicans taking back the House, the Senate, or even just one of the chambers. After all, this would mean the end of the current Democratic power monopoly in the federal government.

Putting an end to this monopoly is exactly what must happen in order to meet the needs of the American people. As it stands today, Democrats are not going to honestly acknowledge where the country is.

They’re not going to make serious policy changes that help folks. Instead, the left is bound and determined to point the finger. Democrats would rather gaslight the nation into thinking that nothing’s wrong than take accountability.

This is exactly why polls and even campaign cash on hand show the GOP is very likely to bring it home next month.

What do you make of Joe Biden alleging that GOP midterm victories will make inflation worse than it is today? Below in the comments area, feel free to share your takeaways about all of this.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.