Joe Knows All, FBI Can Indict Bidens, GOP Senator Insists

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President Joe “My Son Hunter” Biden is well-aware of his prodigal offspring’s murky business dealings.

The FBI has got plentiful evidence to indict Biden family members on suspected financial crimes, a Republican senator declared in a letter to the attorney general.

On Top of All Hunter Biden Leaks

Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa and a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, just penned his fourth letter in six months to the US Attorney General.

He is demanding the Department of Justice and the FBI take action on the evidence gathered on the Bidens.

Grassley’s letter became public just as a leak of emails revealed Hunter Biden received tens of millions of dollars in payments from a top-level crony of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin, the widow of Moscow’s former oligarch mayor.

Information about the suspicious international business dealings of Hunter Biden has been publicly known, thanks to revelations from his “lost laptop,” also widely known as the “laptop from hell.”

Besides his desperate addictions to prostitutes, alcohol, and drugs, the materials from the laptop exposed questionable business operations involving Hunter Biden and Chinese Communist Party operatives, as well as murky cronies from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia.

Probably the biggest question about the revelations surrounding Hunter Biden is where and how much his father knows about the financial affairs and whether he plays any role in them.

According to one of Hunter’s ex-business partners, Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy veteran, Sleepy Joe is not just perfectly aware of “everything,” but is actually the “big boss” running it all.

Joe Biden himself has adamantly denied knowing anything about his prodigal son’s business affairs.

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‘Voluminous Evidence’ of ‘Potential Criminal Conduct’

According to Senator Chuck Grassley, however, the FBI amassed so much evidence that it has become crystal clear Joe Biden is well-aware of Hunter’s international business dealings.

In a new letter to Merrick Garland, Biden’s own attorney general, the GOP senator claimed the records collected by the FBI contain proof of “potential criminal conduct” by members of the Biden family.

Grassley in particular mentioned not only Hunter Biden, but also James Biden, his uncle, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The senator emphasized that both Hunter and his uncle engaged in financial arrangements with individuals connected to the regime of Communist China while Joe Biden served as the vice president of the United States.

Grassley was categorical that FBI records indicated the former veep and today’s president may even have been involved in the financial affairs of trading influence for foreign cash.

In his fourth letter on the matter, the Iowa senator wondered why the DOJ and the FBI hadn’t taken any action regarding the Bidens over the information contained in his preceding three letters.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.