Joe Manchin Unloads on Biden

To many Americans, the decisions Joe Biden continues to make when it comes to energy are troubling.

As gas prices are rising, Biden keeps on standing in the way of domestic oil drilling. Yet, while standing in the way, the president is also lashing out at oil companies for not increasing drilling.

Biden is blocking leases, land, and other avenues that are critical to energy independence in America. In yet another insult to the American people, the president also boasted about shutting down coal plants across the country.

This led to some serious pushback from Sen. Joe Manchin, as The Hill reports.

Manchin Gives Biden a Piece of His Mind

According to the West Virginia Democrat, Biden’s comments about killing off coal plants are not in touch with where Americans are today. Most people are facing serious economic hardships and the rise of energy costs isn’t helping.

Manchin went on to write off the president’s remarks as “disgusting” and pointed out that Biden shouldn’t casually talk about coal workers losing their jobs.

This is especially relevant considering the volatile nature of the economy and growing layoffs happening amid inflation.

Towards the end of his statement, Manchin warned that if Biden proceeds with energy policy in the way he’s been discussing, prices are only going to keep on rising.

Par For the Course For Biden

It’s challenging to think of a time when the president truly abstained from making comments that are tone-deaf. Although the remarks about coal plants truly take the disconnect to an entirely different level.

Despite the White House later trying to clean up what Biden said, it is very clear that he knew what he was talking about and meant every word of it.

Biden’s comments about removing coal plants are not new; they date back as far as 2019, a reality the White House neglected to mention.

Wanting to take out coal plants is all the more reason why Biden cannot have another two years of Congress backing him. The House and Senate need to be swiftly taken away from Democrats and restored to a GOP majority.

Only then will the Republican Party truly have a level playing field to push back against the disastrous policies that Joe Biden and his administration have planned.

If the president continues chipping away at our nation’s energy industry, it won’t be long before there’s nothing left and only the uber wealthy can heat their homes.

What are your thoughts about Joe Biden’s latest plans to further chip away at the nation’s domestic energy? Do you believe a Republican-led Congress will be able to stop Biden from proceeding with these moves?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.