Joe Walsh Challenges President Trump in GOP Primary Race

While in the minority, there have always been a subsection of Republicans who dislike President Trump. Throughout his presidency, Trump has maintained a 90%+ rating within the Republican Party; however, in 2016, Americans witnessed the emergence of “Never Trumpers.”

Never Trumpers served as members of the GOP who disliked the president due to his words, manner of speaking, and sometimes even his policies. Never Trumpers have routinely faced criticism from their pro-Trump counterparts; Republicans who support the president regularly branded Never Trumpers as RINOs or Republicans in Name Only.

At this point in the 2020 presidential election, a new Never Trumper has emerged. Joe Walsh, a Republican and former congressman, has officially announced his entry into the 2020 race, as reported by Townhall. By his own admission, Walsh previously supported Trump, although has now changed his mind.

Why is Walsh Challenging President Trump?

Walsh’s decision to challenge the president in this primary election is rooted in the former congressman’s exhaustion with “lies” and “drama” On Walsh’s campaign website, he slams President Trump for supposedly “[siding] with foreign dictators over our intelligence community” and “[spewing] hate virtually every time he opens his mouth.” Walsh also alleges that the president is “teaching millions of American children it’s okay to lie and it’s okay to bully.”

So, in essence, Walsh’s stance is that the president lacks moral character and has ultimately failed to act in the best interest of Americans. This is something which many Democrats agree with, although Republicans overwhelmingly have a different outlook, as evidenced by Trump’s strong approval rating with the Republican Party.

Earlier this morning, Walsh gave an interview which consisted of very incendiary language and accusations against President Trump. See for yourself:

More from Joe Walsh

Walsh maintains that the 2020 election marks a crossroads for the Republican Party. The former congressman issued claims that women, young people, and suburban people dislike the president, something which is not accurate. Nevertheless, with Trump serving as the incumbent candidate, the odds of him being the GOP’s nominee are very high.

In today’s interview, Walsh opined that the Republican Party will “get spanked” if Trump is the nominee.

What do you think about Joe Walsh’s decision to challenge President Trump? How do you think this will play out? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below!