John Fetterman’s Lack of Transparency About His Health Raises New Scrutiny

Months ago, Pennsylvania Democratic candidate John Fetterman suffered a stroke.

Fetterman is currently running for a Pennsylvania Senate seat; though first, he has to get through Mehmet Oz, the Republican who is also running to represent the state in the Senate.

Oz and Fetterman have repeatedly butted heads over a number of issues. Most disturbing to many folks are Fetterman’s policies, which are deeply laid back on crime. The Pennsylvania Democrat openly deemed it a tragedy for convicted murderers to be put behind bars.

Unfortunately, after Fetterman’s stroke, there are a lot of concerns about whether or not he’s physically capable of serving as a US senator for six years. Calls for Fetterman to reveal his medical records are only growing, as documented by Newsmax.

Nowhere Left to Hide

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette hasn’t minced words in stating that Fetterman needs to be fully clear about his medical status.

In pointing this out, the paper also noted Fetterman’s habit to stammer amid speaking and delay various one-on-one debates with Oz.

Thus far, the Pennsylvania Democrat’s agreed to at least one debate against Oz. Yet, this will come after voting for the Senate race already starts. Naturally, Fetterman’s campaign has an explanation for this.

The Democrat argues that most votes are cast in the final 14 days of an election, but Pittsburgh Post-Gazette warns this isn’t good enough. After all, it still leaves a sizable amount of voters heading to the polls before clearly getting to see Fetterman in a live debate.

Finally, the paper noted that if Fetterman can be honest with Pennsylvanians about how he’s really doing medical-wise, he’s likely going to be cut some slack with voters. By contrast, if Fetterman continues to keep details hidden, this will very likely work against him.

Not Looking Good For Fetterman

Even without the various health issues facing Fetterman, things aren’t looking so good for him.

For one thing, Pennsylvania was recently designated as a state that could very well flip in this election. That means Oz has a fighting chance of winning this race, especially given all the controversies surrounding Fetterman’s policies.

By Fetterman’s own admission, he’s also being outspent by Oz. He claims the GOP candidate is spending more money than him at a 2:1 ratio.

It goes without saying that having cash on hand goes a long way for political candidates. Those who don’t have this can truly struggle, especially in tight elections like the Pennsylvania Senate race.

The weeks ahead will provide a lot more insight into the Oz vs. Fetterman election and which candidate is likeliest to make it to the US Senate.

Let us know in the comments area if you believe Fetterman will release his medical records, rather than keeping them close to the vest.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.