John Kerry Makes Troubling Remarks About Farmers

Ever since Joe Biden got into the White House, he’s been coming under fire for a variety of reasons. Much of this criticism comes from his policies, his inability to make changes, and his refusal to acknowledge when a problem actually exists.

However, Biden also sometimes comes under fire for who he either appoints or nominates to various leadership positions. One example of this is Sam Brinton, Biden’s now-former energy aide, who is presently facing years of prison, due to theft of luggage at various airports.

Another one of Biden’s aides, this one being climate official John Kerry, is now taking heat over his rhetoric, according to Slay News.

Declaring War on Farmers

While speaking at an event about green energy last month, Kerry made it clear that he doesn’t think farmers ought to grow food anymore.

According to the Biden’s current climate czar, farmers should cease to grow food for the purposes of lowering emissions tied to agriculture.

Later, Kerry continued on, saying “climate change” has now shifted to a “climate crisis.” Because of this view, Kerry maintains that a “low-methane future” has to be something the country strives for going ahead and starting with the country’s farmers.

Americans Beg to Differ

On social media, the American people haven’t reacted well to calls for farmers to cease making as much food as they have in times past.

As a matter of fact, since Kerry made these remarks, some folks have suggested that if he truly believes this, he should abstain from eating food made by farmers.

While Biden administration throws its weight behind this sort of talking point, it’s also pushing to phase out gas-powered cars and even gas stoves.

At some point soon, this country is going to see the debate over climate change escalate if Democrats continue on their current path.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.