Jordan Peterson Refuses to Bow to Cancel Culture

"Jordan Peterson" by Gage Skidmore

Earlier this week, published author and public speaker Jordan Peterson was witch-hunted on Twitter.

This happened over a series of “insensitive” tweets directed at now-transgender actress Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page.

After an avalanche of hateful comments directed at both him and his family, instead of suspending the users harassing Peterson, Twitter essentially banned him from the platform indefinitely.

The ban will last at least until he decides to delete the “hateful” tweet, which he’s not planning on doing.

“Jordan Peterson” by Gage Skidmore

Peterson stands his ground

In fact, it’s hard to find anything wrong with Peterson’s tweet, to begin with. He merely criticized the actress for getting her breast removal surgery done by a criminal.

Naturally, the moment someone so much as lifts a finger against a member of the LGBT community on their platform, Twitter responds with hellfire.

They flagged this otherwise unassuming tweet for violence and threats on the basis of gender identity.

Aside from it being obvious that Peterson’s tweet was in no way, shape, or form a call for violence against the actress, he adds even the “harassment” portion of their response is arguable.

The issue lies in the fact Twitter never fully defines what the actual problem was with a post.

Peterson believes he should, at the very least, be fully informed as to what he did wrong in order to “acknowledge” his tweet violated the company’s rules.

Why is it Pride Month and Not Pride Day?

He starts by deconstructing the meaning of the word “harassment” itself, touching on the opening sentence of his tweet, “Pride is a sin.”

He explained it was merely a factual statement if we adhere to the notion of there being six other deadly sins alongside it.

Unfortunately, considering the world’s gone lopsided, now we’re actually celebrating Pride Month, which could have easily been named LGBTQ Month to avoid any misconceptions surrounding it.

Furthermore, is there even a need for a full month of it, considering we’ve only got one Mother’s Day and one Father’s Day?

Yet, the small minority that makes up the LGBTQ population gets the entire month of June all to themselves. What gives?

Peterson often gets riled up when this topic is brought up, as he believes sexual orientation and desire aren’t exactly material for festivities or something to take pride in.

Peterson added he would restate his tweet a million times if it’d prevent someone from going down the wrong path.

He then segued into the second part of his tweet, that being the mention of the actress’ former name, Ellen Page. This he knows is considered appalling by the gender identity crowd, which aptly named the act “deadnaming.”

Unfortunately, considering that Peterson was looking to say the actress in question had her breasts removed, he knew it’d be tough working in a male name and pronouns into that context.

This is likely what set off Twitter police.

In the end, there’s no pleasing the LGBTQ community, especially when it comes to the absurd notion of someone having non-standard pronouns, as one’s pronouns are only used in their absence anyways.