Joy Behar Thinks Republicans Are “Cowards”

It is not uncommon for Democrats and Republicans to publicly censure one another. This is simply part of the American political system; it’s also inevitable seeing as Republicans and Democrats maintain vastly different outlooks on which policies and candidates are best for the nation. Both sides have and will continue to criticize one another; however, over the past year, various Republicans have taken heat for continuing to support President Trump, despite the loathing which Democrats possess towards him.

The most recent censure of this nature comes from Joy Behar, a co-host of The View. On Friday, Behar slammed Republicans who are retiring from office instead of openly going after President Trump. Breitbart News reports Behar’s claims that Republicans who fail to speak out against the president are supposedly displaying “cowardice.”

A Closer Review of Behar’s Thoughts on Republicans

President Trump has consistently maintained a very high approval rating within the Republican Party; yet for some reason, many progressives are outraged that Republicans aren’t coming out in groves against the president. After learning that fifteen Republican congressmembers are set to retire soon, Behar branded them as “cowards,” alleging that GOP members who dislike the president need to speak out accordingly.

In Behar’s own words:

“What I don’t understand is if some of them don’t like Trump and you’re leaving anyway, why not just say something about it? The level of cowardice in the Republican Party right now is despicable, in my opinion, if these people are quitting and not standing up against this president, who we all know secretly they think is an idiot!”

Republicans and President Trump

The vast majority of Republicans and conservatives are incredibly supportive of President Trump. If Behar isn’t seeing very many GOP members speak out against the president, that may simply be due to the reality that more Republicans support Trump than not.

The minority of Republicans who do not favor Trump are not obligated to articulate this viewpoint in order to make Behar or any other progressive feel better. However, Joe Walsh, an anti-Trump Republican, has more than articulated his animosity towards the president. Walsh is presently challenging Trump by launching his own longshot 2020 campaign and alleging that the president is terrible, evil, and ruining America.

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