Judge Orders Paul Pelosi Bodycam Footage To Be Released

In late October of last year, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was allegedly attacked at home in San Francisco.

According to police reports, an angry man with a hammer smashed a window, entered the Pelosis’ home, and began attacking Paul.

Nudist and far-left activist David DePape was charged in the attack and also subsequently accused of sexual assault by several relatives. There’s no doubt DePape has a checkered past and a history that seems to indicate several mental instabilities.

However, serious questions remain about what exactly happened on that day, including how DePape entered the Pelosi residence and how Paul managed to call the police.

Now, bodycam footage from the police is set to be released, following a judge’s orders.

When Will Footage Be Released?

Judge Stephen Murphy ordered the footage to be released on Wednesday. It is expected to be available to the public by Thursday or Friday and show what happened when police arrived at the scene of the Pelosi home.

According to police reports and Paul’s testimony, he was asleep having a nap on the third floor when a man smashed the window of the home and entered with a hammer, striking him repeatedly.

42-year-old conspiracy theorist and far-left activist David DePape has been charged in the attack and reportedly asked where Nancy was while accosting Paul.

As the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy was in DC working at the time of the attack. The prosecution is seeking the toughest possible conviction on DePape, including for the attempted kidnapping of a family member of a federal official.

Tape of the incident via police bodycam has already been played in court by prosecutors, as well as parts of DePape’s interrogation.

Why the Attack Matters

In addition to bringing up serious issues around the security of federal officials and their families, the attack matters because it had a noticeable effect on the midterm elections.

The expected red wave of Republican victories was dampened by the controversy caused by the attack, with the media portraying DePape as a “MAGA” extremist and right-wing radical.

Many mainstream outlets intentionally ignored his history of support for communism, far-left causes, and nudist extremism. The DA has tried to block releasing the bodycam footage, saying it will just prompt more “conspiracy theories” about what happened on that day.

Of course, that all depends on what the footage shows.

Serious questions definitely remain about what took place on that day, including why the security cameras around the home aren’t releasing the footage and why police weren’t guarding the property of the woman third in line to the presidency.

Those aren’t conspiracies; they’re just logical questions.

The Bottom Line

Let’s wait and see what the footage shows.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.