July 4th Provided Liberals an Opportunity to Show their Colors

One Democrat congressmember, as well as a number of left-wing individuals, took advantage of the 4th of July to express inappropriate remarks or belittle the United States’ origins.

Cori Bush, a liberal, wrote that whenever people are saying the fourth of July is all about freedom, keep in mind they’re talking about Caucasian individual freedoms. This is plundered territory, according to Bush, and blacks remain enslaved.

Other liberals were quick to spout their toxic liberal rhetoric over the holiday

Others, such as Senate candidate Shahid Buttar, concurred with Bush’s remarks. In response to her post, he said that Cori Bush was making a stand! Buttar also claimed that almost seems as if the rest of the country has also been taught to disregard our past and how (amid our celebratory language) the worst aspects of it continue to survive now.

Toure, a veteran MSNBC reporter, was even more outspoken on Twitter. Toure said July 4th is a sham. We are not independent, he claims, but the colonies’ desire for independence sprang from Britain’s efforts to end slavery. The MSNBC reporter then questioned how can black people commemorate a day that is so closely associated with slavery?

It is important to note that the Revolutionary War did not erupt over Britain’s decision to outlaw slavery; it was never mentioned as a cause and played no role in the uprisings.

“F—k 4th of July: The only freedom day I respect is Juneteenth,” he wrote on the site, The Grio.

“Wake up call: The United States is established on the unfair treatment of African Americans, blacks, and other persons of color,” actress Alyssa Milano said in a TikTok clip.

The festival was also used by media outlets to attack the United States and its past

NPR posted a quote from the initial Declaration of Independence, calling it a flawed Constitution with deeply rooted absurdities. It also noted that the Declaration of Independence states ‘that all men are equal’ — but females, slaves, Indigenous peoples, and several others were not regarded as equal in that period.

However, the Washington Post pushed further, publishing a series of opinion articles criticizing the day or exploiting it for political advantage. Such items have included the following: “Independence Day 2021 is an opportune opportunity to commemorate America’s emancipation from Donald Trump,” a viewpoint essay entitled “July 4th is Independence Day for two nations.

This occurred after an opinion article in the New York Times stated that the American flag had become an emblem of division. “A 4th of July Emblem of Union Which May No Longer Rally us together,” according to the story.

In today’s severely divided society, flying the stars and stripes from the back of a pickup truck and over a garden is frequently viewed as a pointer, albeit an imprecise one, to a person’s political membership, according to the report.