Justice Alito Destroys Liberal World Leaders Over Abortion Ignorance

The Supreme Court’s historic ruling last month to overrule Roe v. Wade, written by Justice Samuel Alito, outraged international leaders.

They bemoaned the end of a half-century of national legal safeguards for abortion rights inside the U.S.

The Man’s on Fire

Alito made light of the barrage of criticism directed at the six-justice bench majority in his unexpected keynote address. This took place at a religious freedom event last week in Rome offered by the University of Notre Dame.

The appointee of President George W. Bush spoke in his lecture, per a video released by the school on Thursday.

He stated the following, “I had the privilege this period of writing the only Supreme Court ruling in the historical past that has been chastised by a whole chain of foreign heads of state, who felt perfectly fine posting comments on American law.”

Alito made light of the resignation announcement earlier this month by the conservative British leader, saying, “One was one-time Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he paid the ultimate price.”

The justice’s comments earned the audience’s cheers and amusement, referring to the Latin term used to identify a flawed argument.

With a fresh beard, Alito continued by noting that despite their attacks on the decision, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron “are still in power.”

The opinion allows U.S. states to set strict restrictions on abortion during pregnancy.

“So when the Duke of Sussex attended the UN and appeared to connect the ruling whose name may not be stated with the Russian war on Ukraine,” Alito replied, “What truly grieved me.”

“Despite the urge, I won’t discuss situations from other nations.”

A True Conservative

The majority of Alito’s 36-minute statement was devoted to the topic of religious liberty. The conservative judge said support for this freedom is dwindling since so many individuals now claim to have no religious affiliation.

Alito added, before articulating some reasons that could resonate with the “growing” amount of people who oppose or don’t value religion, “it is hard for people to believe religious liberty is worth maintaining if they don’t think that religion is a positive thing that merits protection.”

Alito made it apparent that notwithstanding his views of contemporary tendencies toward atheism, he believes religion was an inherent longing of all humans.

He responded, “Our souls are restless until we find peace in God.”

The Religious Liberty Center at Notre Dame, which has been established in 2020, was in charge of planning the conference that welcomed Alito.

Although the seminar was forewarned of and marketed to journalists, Alito’s involvement remained a secret. In at least five Supreme Court cases involving questions of religious freedom, the institution or members of its staff have submitted amicus briefs.