Kaepernick Attacks Adoptive Parents as ‘Racist’ Over Cornrows in His Teens

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick launched an onslaught of racism accusations against his own white adoptive parents. That’s because when he was a teen, they told him having cornrows would present an “unprofessional” and “thug” look.

From Bending the Knee to Attacking Adoptive Parents

Colin Kaepernick, who played for the San Francisco 49ers for six seasons, saw a major national controversy in 2016 when he knelt during the National Anthem at a game in order to protest racism and police brutality.

He has been unsigned by any professional NFL team since then, but his protests received renewed attention after the 2020 killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.

Kaepernick was raised by his white adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, who took him when he was five weeks old. His 19-year-old mother put him up for adoption after the father ended their relationship upon finding out she was pregnant.

Colin Kaepernick’s adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa, had two biological sons, but lost both of them to a heart defect. The family lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin when they adopted him, but moved to California when he was four years old.

In a new woke outburst, the NFL star accused his parents of “perpetuating racism” because when he was a teenager, his mother told him that having a cornrow hairstyle would make him look “unprofessional” and like a “little thug.”

Kaepernick’s attack on his parents is found in his new memoir that he promoted in an interview with CBS News.

In the interview and the book, the far-left football player declared he had to suffer through “very problematic things” when he was growing up in his adoptive parents’ house – with the cornrow incident being his primary example.

The ‘Very Problematic Things’

In what numerous social media users have slammed as the ultimate show of ingratitude, Colin Kaepernick made it sound as though his upbringing wasn’t okay, regardless of the care he received from his adoptive parents.

“I know my parents loved me,” the NFL quarterback said, as cited by The Daily Mail. Yet, he was quick to add that there were “very problematic” things in their household, apparently of cornrow magnitude.

Kaepernick’s parents haven’t reacted publicly to his woke crusade of several years or to his fresh approach in which he is accusing them of racist wrongdoings.

In an ESPN article several years ago, the Kaepernicks recalled their joy when they adopted him and brought him home. His father, a cheese company executive, said the adoption went smoothly and the future NFL player “never had any adoption issues.”

Rick Kaepernick said the only difference between them and their adopted son was that his skin was “a little bit browner” than theirs. “I’ll never forget that day,” Teresa Kaepernick said about the day when he came to their house.

Colin Kaepernick went to John H. Pitman High School in Turlock, California, where he became a football star for the first time. He later attended the University of Nevada on a football scholarship, graduating in 2011.

His woke crusade, which has now led to accusations against his adoptive parents, came in his sixth NFL season.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.