Caitlyn Stands With Trump on Border – Will She Steal this From Newsom?

On the second day after her forthcoming statewide election tour in California’s recall vote, gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner will visit the US-Mexico frontier to highlight the problem of border control, according to Fox News.

Jenner will start her trip on Thursday, just before government officials start mailing voting ballots to the Golden State’s eligible voters in the Sept. 14 recall vote of beleaguered Liberal Gov. Gavin Newsom. Jenner returned to the United States this past Saturday after having to spend a night in Australia to attend the reality TV show Big Brother VIP.

Jenner Will Take to the Air to Cover More Ground

The trip was initially scheduled as a road trip; however, Jenner’s team informed Fox News that since it’s necessary to cover more land and meet more voters, the contender will fly throughout the state, instead of taking the bus.

Jenner will also make a stop along California’s southern Mexican border as part of her promotional swing, according to the crusade; this will happen in order to contact border security officials and people who have been impacted by the rise in illegal crossings.

Jenner will take the tour of the frontier in the San Diego area and make remarks about her migration and security policies. The 1976 Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon, now a transgender rights campaigner and widely recognized TV personality, has taken a hard line on border issues.

In her first major television interview after announcing her campaign, she told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in May that she is all about the (border) wall and would maintain the wall.  Without even a secure border, Jenner noted that we can’t have a state or a nation.

Jenner also promised that if she becomes governor, she will terminate California’s position as a sanctuary state. Jenner also was willing to allow some illegal immigrants to stay in the nation.

Jenner’s Policy on Deportation May Hinder Her Popularity with Conservatives


Jenner shared much more information and details about her views on immigration. The California gubernatorial candidate noted that she is in favor of legal immigration; however, Jenner also stated that the United States is a humane nation.

This particular view could put Jenner at odds with some conservatives who maintain hardline stances against illegal immigration. There is a strong view on the right that individuals who illegally enter the United States ought to be deported accordingly.

However, Jenner has expressed a willingness to allow certain folks who illegally enter the United States to remain in the nation. Right now, as Jenner runs in the recall race, she is up against Larry Elder and other conservatives seeking to oust Gavin Newsom.

At this time, it remains to be seen whether California votes to recall their current governor.