Kamala Harris Faces Debate Over the Border Crisis

"The Wall, US border, separating Mexico from the US, along Highway 2, Sonora Desert, Mexican side" by Wonderlane is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A Texas congressman by the name of Chip Roy has challenged Vice President Kamala Harris to a debate over the crisis on the southern border. This is a crisis that she has been tasked to deal with; however, Harris has yet to visit any of the affected areas. 

“US Border Patrol” by Mesa0789 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Roy told Newsmax that he has spent a lot of time on the border, unlike the vice president; Roy joked that Harris is apparently unable to find the border on the map. He added to his statement that he would challenge the vice president or president on the challenges at the border, at any time or place of their choosing. 

Roy pointed out that the administration buried their heads in the sand, with regard to the crisis. He added that Texans are being endangered by the situation, as well as the migrants themselves. Roy then noted that the people crossing the border just seek a better life for themselves and their families and that he cannot blame them for that.

The Criminal Element

Roy made the point that it’s not only people seeking a better life that crosses the border; he said that Iranians and terrorists, sex traffickers, and drugs such as fentanyl are crossing too.

Dangerous cartels operate in the area also, posing a threat to the safety of those seeking a better life. It is important to note how these criminal elements are making tens of millions of dollars from sometimes violent activities around the unsecured border. 

The Solution

Chip Roy pointed out again how most migrants seek a better way of life in the United States. He said God bless them, as he encouraged people to stand up and build the economy and strengthen the border.

He also made sure to note that we also need to work to get the economies of El Salvador or Venezuela growing; this way, people would be sensitive to stay in their home countries, rather than leave for the USA.

Americans Don’t Realize the Dangers of Socialism

This migrant from Venezuela, although apprehended by border guards, says that Americans don’t know the dangers of socialism; he said it was the reason he and his daughter left with only their backpacks.

He pointed out that he and all those around him were all middle and upper-class people who had decided to level everything behind and flee to the states.

He makes the point that conservatives always point out: if socialism is so good, why do so many flee from it?

Let’s look at the Cold War for example, where Berlin was split in half by a great wall, not built to keep westerners out, but to keep people living in East Berlin from leaving.