Kamala Harris Goes On Tour To Promote Abortion

Vice President Kamala Harris has made a fool of herself on the international stage.

She cackled like a witch while the president of Poland talked about traumatized Ukrainian refugees and blamed the president of Guatemala for illegal immigration while standing next to him, even though he strongly opposes it.

The solution for the White House has been to send Harris on shorter, domestic trips.

However, she’s even managed to foul these up, taking her self-righteous blather to new heights with bizarre rambling and nonsense speeches everywhere she goes. Her latest trip took her to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Surely things went fine, right? (Vegas, baby!) Well, not quite. This is Kamala Harris we’re talking about, here.

Kamala’s Nevada Tour

Harris’ first stop was at the MGM Grand Hotel. She went there for a large conference that was being held by the United Steelworkers union.

Her job was to give a speech where she talked up Joe Biden’s recent massive spending legislation, the so-called “Inflation Reduction” law.

This massive bill is just funneling busloads of cash to unions and green energy special interests in return for votes and power, so it makes sense Harris would go on about it.

Harris then went on to the Culinary Worker’s Union where she laughed like a hyena and made irrelevant remarks while eating union-made cookies.

The main purpose of Harris’ visit, however, is to speak about abortion and her support of it in the aftermath of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Harris’ Abortion Tour

Following her union capers, Harris met with state legislators in Nevada to talk about how to protect abortion. She’s already met with lawmakers in 17 states, basically ensuring that the states will push through abortion laws.

The vice president is, of course, a federal government executive. Her job is not to go around pressuring and negotiating with state lawmakers about how to do their jobs; it looks really bizarre and ham-handed.

Abortion is legal in Nevada for up to 24 weeks and has been since it was put into state law in 1990.

A woke update to the law in 2019 made it possible to get abortions without verifying the age of the female getting one, as well as erasing a former requirement by medical professionals to tell women the potential psychological effects of getting an abortion.

The meeting was just grandstanding as Harris pretended everything was great, even while Las Vegas is obviously a major center of underage sex trafficking and numerous shady abortions.

The Bottom Line

Nevada is a purple state. It has a large Hispanic population who are not big supporters of abortion, which is already codified into state law anyway.

Harris is an embarrassment to this country and to all rational people.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.