Kamala Harris Promotes Racism Among Florida’s Hurricane Victims

"Kamala Harris" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Twitter users and conservative political analysts slammed Vice President Kamala Harris over her remarks that the federal Hurricane Ian relief program would prioritize people of color.

Political experts suggested Harris is uselessly spinning the issue of racism for her own gains at a time when Florida is hit by a dangerous hurricane.

Harris Aims to Promote Racism Amid Natural Disaster

During the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum, Harris told Indian actress Priyanka Chopra that communities of color and low-income earners are most vulnerable to face the consequences of natural disasters like Hurricane Ian.

So, Harris continued, federal relief programs will be based on the system of “equity” where people of color will get the most relief, adding these people are impacted by issues not created by them.

Furthermore, Harris told the Indian actress not every person starts at the same place, so even if the country is fighting for equality, it is important to treat people based on equity.

Harris also asserted that treating people based on equity is useful for ending long-lasting discrimination that remained prevalent in almost every sector of America for a long time.

Twitter users were outraged by Harris’s comments, as they accused the vice president of promoting racism among the victims of Hurricane Ian.

Some netizens claimed Harris successfully scared many communities, who thought they would not get government assistance just because they do not live in low-income communities.

Harris Busted for Her Racist Remarks

While responding to Harris’ remarks, Elon Musk stated the federal government should help hurricane victims based on their needs, not due to their skin color.

Similarly, Ryan Fournier, the founder of Students for Trump, tweeted many victims of Hurricane Ian will be “screwed” after hearing Kamala Harris is directing federal assistance towards communities of color only.

In addition, Christina Pushaw, the rapid response director of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, noted Harris was falsely asserting the federal aid would be given based on equity.

According to Pushaw, FEMA is assisting all Floridians, irrespective of their race. Pushaw added Harris’ false remarks created unnecessary panic in Floridians.

Furthermore, Journalist Ian Miles claimed Harris was not ashamed when she sent thousands of black men to jail for drug-related crimes during her tenure as attorney general of California, but now she is worried about the very same community.

In a separate tweet, Miles lashed out at mainstream media outlets for not denouncing Harris’ narrative of so-called equity.

He advised other journalists to scrutinize Harris for establishing that white people would be left in the dangerous hurricane just because the vice president wanted to promote her equity agenda.

Another conservative author, Jon Hawkins, claimed only liberals could bring up the issue of racism even in the presence of a dangerous hurricane.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.