Kanye: “Most Racist Thing” is Telling Me to Make Choices Based on Race

"Kanye West @ MoMA" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Jason Persse

Since their inception, the Democrat Party has chosen to weaponize race in order to further their own political power. It doesn’t take a genius to see this and no matter how much Democrats try to point the finger at President Trump or conservatives, it doesn’t change the facts.

According to the Democrats, a person’s race ought to determine how they think, how they vote, and how they see the world. This explains why so many leftists are shocked whenever minorities challenge the ideologies and policies of the Democrat Party.

The Democrats’ belief that they ought to have a monopoly on minority voters is also why they lash out against conservatives of color and Republicans of color.

Kanye West @ MoMA by Jason Persse, on Flickr

Kanye West @ MoMA” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Jason Persse

On Friday, rap star Kanye West sat down for an interview with Big Boy. During this interview, West covered a plethora of issues from his career to his upcoming album and, of course, his thoughts on politics.

West noted the ways in which Democrats have held back the folks who they profess to help; the rapper also challenged the idea of telling people to make decisions based upon race.

A Closer Look at West’s Take on Politics, Race, and Decisions

When talking about political matters, West noted that many people were surprised by his support for President Trump. The rapper maintained that asking someone to “choose something based on [their] race” is “the most racist thing” that someone could tell him. West is correct; however, telling individuals to make decisions according to race is what Democrats are infamous for.

During another segment of the interview, West also touched upon the Democrat Party’s brainwashing of minority communities. The rap star pointed out that Democrats have contributed to food stamps, poverty, removing fathers from home, etc. West then censured Democrats for wanting to completely “remove Jesus” from the United States of America.

Why Democrats Will Keep Telling People to Make Decisions Based on Race

For quite some time now, many Americans have wondered why Democrats constantly play the race card. The reason is quite simple; it ultimately boils down to political power and the brand which Democrats are reliant upon.

Let’s face facts: Democrats create problems, then come in with lackluster solutions which only worsen the crisis at hand. The cycle repeats over the course of decades; then, when Democrats are challenged by Republicans or others who don’t cow-tow to them, they scream racism.

NY Statue of Liberty by Celso Flores, on Flickr

NY Statue of Liberty” (CC BY 2.0) by Celso Flores

In order for Democrats to stay in power, they have to convince everyone that certain groups are oppressors while other groups are inherent victims. Once again, this is why Democrats are deeply upset and frightened by people of color who are not progressive, liberal, or otherwise left-wing.

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