Kanye West Hit With Suspension From Twitter

Within recent weeks, rapper Kanye West has made national headlines more times than once. This came from him not only wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt in France, but also from West sitting down for an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

During his Carlson interview, West covered a variety of issues. The talking points ranged from his views on abortion to his thoughts about the Clintons, the Kardashian family, and more.

However, the rapper is now catching heat for some comments he made about Jewish individuals on social media. West’s comments led to him being restricted on Instagram, along with being suspended on Twitter, as documented by Newsmax.

The Tweet That Led to West’s Suspension

Taking to Twitter, West vowed that he would later go “Death Con 3” on Jewish folks. The correct version is “DEFCON 3,” which refers to the military boosting its readiness to use force.

West’s post then went on to say Jewish people have “toyed with” him and attempted to “black ball” people who don’t fall in line with their “agenda.” The rapper also claimed that he’s not capable of being anti-Semitic because black individuals are “actually Jew also.”

Nevertheless, Twitter removed this tweet shortly after it was posted, in addition to suspending West. A spokesperson for the social media site also claimed West’s account was penalized for breaching the platform’s policies.

Major Backlash Against West

In the wake of West’s “Death Con 3” commentary, he’s faced a lot of backlash online.

Some people brought up questions about the rapper’s mental health and whether or not he could be going through a psychiatric episode in real time. Others started conversations about how West’s comments about Jewish individuals could impact his fans and their beliefs.

At this time, it remains to be seen how long West’s accounts on social media stay locked. Earlier this year, Twitter restricted West’s account after comments he made about talk show host Trevor Noah; though the suspension was later lifted.

Days ago, clothing company Adidas confirmed it’s reviewing its partnership with West in the wake of recent controversies surrounding him. It remains to be seen if their business deal remains intact after West’s most recent social media posts.

The Anti-Defamation League recently came out and condemned the statements made in West’s “Death Con 3” tweet. This group accused the rapper of spreading anti-Semitic tropes with a dangerous history and presence.

What do you make of Twitter and Instagram shutting down Kanye West’s access to his accounts in the wake of his posts? Do you believe the rapper will eventually be allowed back onto these popular social media sites?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.