Kim Jong Un Orders Expansion of North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal

State media claimed on Sunday that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un has instructed the “exponential” growth of his nation’s nuclear arsenal, as well as the advancement of a greater intercontinental ballistic missile.

He did this after entering 2023 with yet another armaments unveiling just after a large number of system testing in 2018.

Kim’s Plans are Ambitious

Kim’s actions are consistent with the overall trajectory of his nuclear program. He has frequently pledged to increase both the quality and the number of his weapons in response to what he deems to be U.S. aggression.

Some analysts claim Kim’s desire to create additional nuclear and other weaponry is a hint that he intends to continue conducting weapons tests amid consolidating his prospective negotiation position and securing additional concessions from the international community.

As reported by the Korean Central News Agency, Kim stated at a just-concluded meeting of the governing party that they are now intent on confining and suffocating North Korea, which is unprecedented in human history.

The current scenario necessitates furthered efforts to massively bolster military might.

During the six-day summit aimed at determining new state priorities, Kim urged for an exponential expansion of the nation’s nuclear arsenal in order to mass-produce strategic nuclear bombs for battlefield use aimed against South Korea.

He also tasked the development of a new ICBM capable of a rapid nuclear counterstrike – weaponry he requires to attack the U.S. mainland. According to KCNA, he stated the North will deploy its first military reconnaissance satellite as soon as possible.

Soo Kim, a security expert at the RAND Corporation in California, remarked that Kim’s words from the party conference seem ambitious, but a potentially doable, list of New Year’s resolutions.

He claimed it is aspirational in the sense that Kim articulated his goals for 2023, but it also demonstrates a degree of self-assurance on his part.

North Korea announced last month that it conducted major tests required for the construction of a new strategic weapon, potentially a solid-fueled ICBM and a surveillance satellite.

Kim’s classification of South Korea as an adversary and the reference to unfriendly U.S. and South Korean actions is a solid justification for the dictatorship to develop more missiles.

It’s also a justification for warheads to reinforce Kim’s bargaining position and cement North Korea’s reputation as a nuclear weapons powerhouse, according to Soo Kim.

On Sunday evening, South Korea’s Defense Ministry reaffirmed its caution that any use of nuclear weapons by North Korea would bring down the Kim Jong Un regime.  The United States military has previously issued comparable warnings.

South Korea on High Alert

Throughout a video call, President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea informed senior military personnel that the new year has begun, but their security issue remains extremely dangerous.

Their military must forcefully counter any aggression by the adversary with such resolve that they are willing to risk engaging in combat.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.