LA City Council Leaks Show Democrats Only Consider Race When It Benefits Them

In light of recent events, disturbing voice files have been leaked.

In them, L.A City Council Head Nury Martinez, who was considered to be a rising Democrat in the political landscape of California, can be found making insulting remarks regarding ethnic minorities. 

Reportedly assuming her vivid remark was a private conversation that wouldn’t be seen or heard by the world, Martinez let loose with a storm of insults on numerous people.

Starting A Discourse 

Was Martinez a racist while she made her remarks one year ago, or only after they were unearthed a few days ago?

The recently revealed recording of her gathering with two council peers and a representative from the Federation of Labor raises lots of questions.

Statements such as “F*ck [District Attorney George Gascon]” are examples.

The words, “He’s with the blacks,” as Martinez says, offer a look into the genuine emotions that Martinez has regarding multiculturalism.

Reportedly, she also called her fellow city councilman Mike Bonin a “little b-tch” and referred to his adopted black baby as “a little monkey” in Spanish.

Notwithstanding her relaxed cruelty, the main emphasis of this California tragedy is the alleged crooked deal-making she took part in behind closed doors.

This also included Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, who has supposedly since stepped down from his position. 

True Nature

These Democrats from California are a perfect example of the intolerant and power-driven elitists they assert to abhor.

Would Martinez and her coworkers have kept working in their official jobs if they hadn’t been kept responsible for their actions?

If Martinez continued to feel comfortable, would she have made even more off-limits comments as her allusion to Bonin’s son? The response must obviously be yes.

What if nobody had recorded Martinez and her coworkers? Disregarding the concerns of who monitored Martinez and her coworkers and whether or not it was appropriate or legal to do so, what if no one had? 

Martinez would continue to serve as the head over the Los Angeles City Council in this scenario.

How many other elected Democrats, besides Martinez, are acting as if they are best mates to black Americans and other minority communities? Martinez is just one example. 

It did not really matter if Martinez and others like her resigned from their positions on the Los Angeles City Council.

Their actions are emblematic of the nasty, prejudiced type of politics that take people’s freedoms away, while pushing an ideology that is responsible for an increase in crime, poverty, and hatred across the United States.

A brief glimpse behind the scenes was provided by the Martinez leak. The conclusion is that Democrats are self-serving people who choose to play certain cards only when it is convenient.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.