Larry Page Vanishes Off the Face of the Earth After Involvement with Epstein is Discovered

Ever since his death in federal prison, Jeffrey Epstein has been a topic that periodically jumps back into relevance to rear its ugly face. It usually brings down at least one high-profile person with it.

This time, Google co-founder Larry Page is involved.

Despite all their efforts, the Virgin Islands is finding it difficult to subpoena him even after it’s been uncovered that he’s got significant ties with Epstein and his sex trafficking empire.

The Epstein tales continue

However, the real reason Page is currently unavailable remains unknown; the authorities have been puzzled about how he just vanished into thin air.

The attorney general for the Virgin Islands filed a motion that would have investigators locate a physical address at which Page resides, but the search turned up empty, essentially assuring he won’t ever appear before a court.

In fact, neither of the four potential addresses was valid. The investigators, now at a wit’s end, are requesting help from the federal government. They could allow Page to be summoned through his parent company.

That being said, his disappearance is shrouded in mystery; although considering what the subpoena is about, one can assume he’s purposely refusing to testify.

Jamie Dimon, a high-profile banker, and part-time criminal

Another potential reason for his disappearance could be someone involved with Epstein demanded Page keep his mouth shut regarding whatever it is he knows about the infamous financier’s activities.

Of course, it could just be that Page is afraid he could be implicated in a number of crimes if a tangent is drawn between him and Epstein, but without any concrete evidence, we can’t know just how well the two knew each other.

The subpoena is only one of many that were filed against Epstein’s former associates. Most recently, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon was prosecuted by the Virgin Islands for years upon years of aiding Epstein in creating his trafficking ring.

In fact, Dimon may just be the worst of the bunch.

Anyone who believes a multi-billionaire international banker could feel remorse over the illegal and immoral activities one of his clients has been involved in needs a reality check.

At this point, one could argue Dimon may have already created a criminal empire of his own. The fact that a cargo ship seized by the authorities, which had 20 tons of cocaine on board, is owned by him only goes to show what kind of man he really is.

Of course, you won’t be hearing any of this from the left-leaning media channels. They tend to turn a blind eye any time a Democrat is involved in shady or outright illegal activities.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.