Leader McCarthy Censures Pelosi’s Cowardice in Impeachment Proceedings

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The Democrat Party of today is a party of cowardice, lies, and petty malice. Democrats have spent years dividing Americans, talking about what a terrible president they believe Donald Trump to be, and touting how eager they are to get him out of office.

Earlier this week, House Democrats convened and managed to ram a hoax impeachment through their majority. Since the House “impeached” the president, it is now up to the Senate to conduct a trial and determine whether or not Trump will be removed from office. Of course, as Americans know, the Republican-majority Senate has made it very clear that they will not vote to remove the president.

National Medal of Arts and National Huma by The White House, on Flickr

National Medal of Arts and National Huma” (Public Domain) by The White House

In light of this, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is declining to send impeachment articles over to the Senate. She knows Democrats have reached an impasse where Trump will either be exonerated by default or promptly acquitted when the Senate holds their trial.

Nevertheless, Pelosi and the Democrats decided to force these impeachment proceedings; however, since they won’t get their way in the Senate, Democrats don’t want to let the Senate do their job.

This is nothing short of pure, petty cowardice and on Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy held Pelosi’s feet to the fire, per reports from Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at McCarthy’s Censure of Pelosi

During the Leader’s press conference, he slammed Pelosi, noting that by refusing to send impeachment articles to the Senate, she’s “admitting defeat.” McCarthy also made sure to remind everyone that the Speaker and other Democrats are very aware that the facts are not on their side.

If the impeachment proceedings truly contained merit and validity, Pelosi would have no problem with sending them over to the Senate. The Speaker’s talk about the importance of a “fair trial” is merely a delaying tactic.

Democrats know the Senate will not allow this sham of an impeachment to persist any longer. Therefore, the left’s only recourse is to now drag proceedings out for as long as they can.

Bipartisan and Compelling

There was a time where Democrat leaders stated that impeachment should only proceed if the support and evidence for it were bipartisan and compelling. However, the facts have shown us that the only bipartisan and compelling aspect of impeachment is the opposition against it. Not a single House Republican voted in favor of the articles; even some House Democrats broke from their party by either voting against impeachment or voting ‘present.’

President Trump Departs for Louisiana by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Departs for Louisiana” (Public Domain) by The White House

It is now time for the Democrat Party to end this witch hunt. Speaker Pelosi must either send the impeachment articles to the Senate for a trial or call off the proceedings at once. What the Democrats are doing right now, the manner in which they are purposefully dividing the nation for their own partisan interests is loathsome and, quite frankly, Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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