Leading Conservative Senator Calls Out New Biden Bill

It’s not new to anyone that we’re going through tough times and in the middle of a recession.

Though the Democratic elites are not at all concerned about the reality we’re living in. They can always return to their gated communities and their tax loopholes.

Indeed, instead of doing something meaningful to contribute and change the current economic picture, they just push us closer to the precipice.

The latest is this monster spending bill that tries to force green energy on the country and kneecaps what’s left of our oil and gas sector. Bizarrely, it’s being referred to as “inflation reduction” as a way to sneak it past.

Meanwhile, leading Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana isn’t buying any of the malarkey that Biden is selling and is memorably calling out this absurd bill.

More Taxes, More Lies

The new monster bill is going to cost taxpayers $98 billion and further decrease our quality of life. It seems many politicians are losing their lucidity and wisdom. Though that’s not the case with Senator John Kennedy.

Kennedy has not bowed to the Democratic dupes. He is stunned by so much greed from those who claim to be acting on behalf of American citizens.

As Kennedy said, this bill right now is a “special kind of stupid.” We are experiencing two-quarters of negative growth and we have huge inflation.

Putting through tax jumps right now is what you would do if you were trying to destroy our economy, not help it. All the great-sounding green energy rhetoric in the world isn’t going to change that reality.

Electric Cars for Everyone?

An electric vehicle would be a great option at this point, considering the price of gas.

Though let’s be frank, it is not part of the reality of many Louisianians or Americans. As Kennedy is pointing out, this bill is all about forcing an unrealistic vision on the American people that completely ignores our current economic reality.

He’s not alone in his criticism.

According to the Tax Foundation, the new tax will worsen the economic picture in which many millions are at risk of losing their jobs, reducing economic productivity, and reducing the income of all taxpayers in the long run.

The snowball will produce an avalanche effect; we will be swallowed and suffocated by the bad decisions that some have made.

Manchin may have gotten a vague promise to build his pipeline in West Virginia, but he’s sold his soul for a pittance here. All the American people are now going to suffer even worse.

Inflation is already bad enough without this idiocy piled on top of it!

The Bottom Line

The midterms can’t come fast enough. Kennedy is right. The last thing we need at this point in time is another tax hike.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.